Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China's Raising Prices, US Prints More Money

Anyone who supports Obama has no right to cry about Reagan's deficits
“The President's own budget documents project as well that by next year more debt will be run up in one term under President Obama than under all other Presidents in history -- from George Washington to George Bush -- combined.” (Peter Ferrara – A Big Question)
Pimco, the largest bond fund in the world, announced it will no longer buy US debt.  Pimco founder William H. Gross explains why...
Unless entitlements are substantially reformed, the U.S. will likely default on its debt; not in conventional ways, but via inflation, currency devaluation and low to negative real interest rates. (Pimco – Skunked)
That 70's Show:  Stagflation!

This was not America's worst recession, but it is the worst recovery.  Following closely on the heels of economic stagnation comes inflation.

Communist China can’t rely on slave labor forever.  The peasants have caught a whiff of prosperity and they want more. China's Communist Politburo is raising wages, and we're printing more money.  This is a silent tax, we all pay more for everything.

Even worse, our government allows China to blatantly manipulate its currency, putting our domestic manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage. This would be much harder for them to do if we did not need to borrow money from them.

Anyone who frequents local shops and restaurants already knows that mom and pop can no longer hold the line.  Prices are going up...
Still reeling from the recession, most mom-and-pop shops have held off on raising prices for fear of losing more customers. But business is finally starting to pick up, and after years of being squeezed by cost increases, a growing number of small businesses are hiking their prices.

"They've been squeezed so badly for the last two years, any uptick in demand means they're going to try to raise prices a bit," said William Dennis, senior research fellow with the National Federation of Independent Business. (CNN – Inflation Pressures Grow on Mainstreet)
Walmart to the Rescue

In the face of this economic misery, retail giant Walmart will fight heroically to continue to bring us low-priced goods. Imagine if there were no Walmart or other big box giants, and instead our nation was dotted with scattered and sundry mom and pops. They could not marshal the bargaining power of a Walmart or Target, nor the supply chain efficiencies. We’d be paying frightfully more for everything!

Just as John D. Rockerfeller brought cheap kerosene to the masses, big chain retailers help shield us from the stupid policies of our government.  We should outsource the federal government to Walmart.


Always On Watch said...

Inflation is the direst of economic enemies -- and penalizes those who can least afford the damage.

Runaway inflation will turn America into a Third World country!

Jersey McJones said...

Big box retailers are the ones who driove all the jobs to the communists and third worlders in the first place!


You guys don't know what you believe!


Silverfiddle said...

And how exactly did they do that, professor?

I know exactly what I believe. Markets seek efficiency.

If you owned a store and you had a choice between two wholesalers, a less-expensive or more-expensive one, which would you choose?

WomanHonorThyself said...

the govt is selling us down the river my friend..just wait and see the oil prices soon!

Anonymous said...

A much-maligned American president by the name of Calvin Coolidge once told us, “The business of America is business.” As the progressive left became even more blatant in their ambitions, and as they gloated over the economic collapse of 1929, they demeaned Coolidge as “arrogantly over-confident” about American capitalism.

Today, they are no longer interested in disguising the left’s true intent: to supplant American capitalism with Marxism. Barack Obama is doing everything within his considerable power to accomplish that very thing.

Today, we confront a tangible rift between Americans, and we can see this in the various polls released each week. This isn’t about minor differences within our American family; it is much more serious than that. It is the contrast between American capitalism and communist ideology. In this, there is no room for compromise. Progressives want us to think there is room for compromise —they call it socialism —and far too many have fallen for this deception in the not-too-distant past. The American politic has been moving subtly but steadily to the left since Abraham Lincoln; we had one respite during the Reagan years, but where are we now? I’m suggesting the words of Calvin Coolidge may once more serve American interests —if we would only listen.

Jersey McJones said...


this is so phony and hypocritical, that it makes me question your sanity.

I would like to think that if I owned a store in America I wouldn't be able to import goods for communist states and third world kleptocarcies. You guys just don't care about America at all, do you?

Mustang, if you think we want Marxism, you are retarded. Obviously it's you guys who have no problem propping up the world's MArxist regimes. That's what "Free Trade" does, after all.


Sam Huntington said...

Our world has too many liars. Here’s one example: “Big box retailers are the ones who driove[sic] all the jobs to the communists and third worlders[sic] in the first place!”

The cost of American labor was the number one reason companies shifted industrial and manufacturing plants to foreign countries. Unions drove American businesses to seek more affordable labor alternatives; they found these alternatives in East Asia, and Mexico where people are grateful for the opportunity to earn a good income.

American made products are both rare, and unaffordable. Who wants to pay more when they can purchase a foreign made article for less? How did the price of a Japanese automobile skyrocket from $7,000 to double that in one fiscal year? It was because Jimmy Carter convinced the Japanese to cut back on US export production; the effect increased demand and the concomitant price of Toyotas. Do we need more government meddling in business, or less? How do unions satisfy the demands of American labor by driving private sector jobs to off shore locations?

George Bush asked the question in the year 2000, “Should we consider privatizing social security?” The left screamed bloody murder. Given this projection, tell me how Bush was wrong to ask the question.

~Leslie said...

I wonder if Mr. McJones understands what Marxism is and if he has ever understood the definition of capitalism and could legitimately differentiate the two; further if he is willing to lay his PhD next to that of Mustang's.

And to think, we almost could have had an intellectual conversation on the topic, had it not been for Mr. McJones' immediate childish name calling in place of valid arguments. Pity.

Lisa said...

Quote from Ronald Reagan

"How do you tell a Communist?
Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.
And how do you tell an anti-Communist?
It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin

Anonymous said...

"We should outsource the federal government to Walmart."

In truth there is a whole lot of government that could be outsourced. It would be cheaper and more efficient to do so.

Jersey McJones said...


WE THE PEOPLE decide what SOVERIEGN STATES our SOVEREIGN STATE does business with. That's in the Constitution that you guys so casually pick at buffet-style.

And then you have the utter lack morals, ethics, humanity, and honesty to say:

"The cost of American labor was the number one reason companies shifted industrial and manufacturing plants to foreign countries. Unions drove American businesses to seek more affordable labor alternatives; they found these alternatives in East Asia, and Mexico where people are grateful for the opportunity to earn a good income."

Listen, you - those people are treated like $#!#. What you want is for American workers to be treated like $#!# too. You want the "race to the bottom." You blame American workers for wanting a better life our government allowing trade with communist states and third world kleptocracies. The only way a person like you could even sleep at night is if your soul is a moral vaccuum.


I know more about capitalism, Marxism, America, the Contstitution, history, religion. and pretty much everything than anyone you probably know.


Anonymous said...

>I know more about capitalism, Marxism, America, the Contstitution, history, religion. and pretty much everything than anyone you probably know.

Then you must be pretending to be a complete ignoramus every single time you post a comment. You're doing a fine job. Nobody knew that it was an act. Congratulations, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Silverfiddle said...

So where in the constitution is that, Jersey?

What you advocate is the government telling Americans what they can and can't buy, making them captive consumers of domestic producers approved by the government. Sounds like marxism to me, at least by comparing what you say to what actually went on in the communist Soviet Union.

If it were up to you Jersey, we'd still be protecting us auto manufacturers and they'd still be churning out dilapidated, overpriced crap boxes.

Ask yourself why Japan can make cars here at a lower business cost and ask yourself why they didn't need a bailout.

Competition makes you stonger; protection makes you fat and lazy. Look at what liberalism and protectionism have done to Detroit.

Our government is king midas in reverse: Everything it touches turns to crap.

We have great workers and world-class infrastructure yet we can't compete in the global market? Blame confiscatory and punitive government.

Jersey McJones said...

OMG, Silver? Really? You don't know the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution? Really???

"What you advocate is the government telling Americans what they can and can't buy,"...

No! Crazy person! I'm sayig that the United States of American should not do trade with scumbag, kleptocratic, communistic, sleazy, crooked regimes!!!

What's the matter with you man???


Silverfiddle said...

The US Constitution grants the federal government the power to regulate commerce with other countries. Last I checked, the US government has not prohibited trade with China. So what's your point again?

Jersey McJones said...

The United States government IS US. WE have the power to put an end to disbalanced trade.

Are you for that or against that?

Answer that.

Or or you just another Cheap Labor Con?


Silverfiddle said...

We are "disbalanced" (you and Palin, making up new words).

The US government needs to get out of the market and stop it's job killing regulation and taxation.

If it did that (and stopped borrowing from China), we would be kicking their asses in global trade.

Jersey McJones said...

"If it did that (and stopped borrowing from China), we would be kicking their asses in global trade."

LOL!!! My arse. We do free trade with communist states and you're just fine with that. You're a good comrade, Silver.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: If you possessed no "made in China" products you just might have had an argument. But no, you're just another double-talking liberal...

Finntann said...

So, after we ban or restrict Chinese trade, what then happens to your vaunted socialist dream state when they proceed to dump 1 Trillion in US Securities in retaliation?

It's not wise to piss off your landlord Jersey. You and your progressive friends sold the house, now we have to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Jersey: If the free market is such bad thing, why don't you go live in North Korea or Burma? I know you feel that you have to save us from ourselves, but we would understand. In fact, I would be willing to pitch in money for your ticket.

You don't seem to be fitting in well in America. I think our culture faith and constitutional beliefs make you uncomfortable. We just want you to be happy, and you are not going to be happy until you are with your own kind. The question is where do you want to go, North Korea or Burma?

MathewK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MathewK said...

"Unless entitlements are substantially reformed...."

Make no mistake you will reform them, it's not - please reform, we can't afford it, it's too much, freedom, responsibility..... doesn't matter.

No matter who you are in this world, you will eventually learn to live on what you make. It's happening right now to many countries in Europe and it'll happen to you.

The only people who think they don't have to learn fiscal responsibility are stupid liberals and the leftards who own them.

We in Australia are headed in the same direction, it'll be painful, but the one silver lining i'm looking forward to is watching the parasite class learn the hard way.

MathewK said...

"if you think we want Marxism, you are retarded."

You against marxism!!! LOL!!! My arse!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to inform you, Jersey, that "we the people," elect people to legislate and regulate commerce for us. When you say "we the people don't want to trade with China," (paraphrasing) who is "we the people," in that line of thought?

You, some people you know, and the liberal forums you no doubt visit say that trade with China is a bad thing, and that suddenly constitutes "we the people"? Do you ever wonder why we are a republic and not a pure democracy? It's because the Founding Fathers understood that although "we the people" are sovereign, most of "we the people" are uneducated idiots.

Ending trade with China would be colossally stupid, as they provide so much of what we use every day for very, very cheap prices. We're a free market society, and in that construct, we go for whoever can give us the lowest price on goods (provided there's no embargo on said nation).

As for unionized workers and stuff, part of the reason Ford and other American motor companies have been struggling is because not only do they have to deal with lower sales, but they've also got huge pensions that they have to pay to their retirees. Some retired autoworkers get 40k a year from their pensions, and Ford and others have no choice but to pay them, even if it is tanking their finances.

You need to do two things Jersey. 1. Stop insulting people's intelligence. It's counter-productive and just makes you look immature. 2. Stop acting like you know everything. Unless you have a PhD in economics, you're going to get laughed at when you make the claim "I know more about economics etc. than any of you." Acting like you're always right, and claiming that you just know more than everyone, is also counter-productive to constructive discussion because it just makes you look pedantic.

I don't mind when people who disagree with each other have a good discussion, but when you claim that the oposing side is "stupid," when your own arguments have logical fallacies, you're setting yourself up for something other than meaningful discussion.

Lisa said...

I caught a little of Charlie Rose last night and he was talking to his guest about how the Chinese wouldn't have achieved their success without the type of government they have.
He fails to mention how the Chinese people are over worked and underpaid and how many committed suicide because of it.
Amazing how liberal commies have come out of the closet the last 2 years.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Lisa, American liberals show their true colors now that they can no longer contain their admiration and envy of the Chinese Politburo.

Citizen of the world and NY Times scribbler Tom Friedman is another one who admires how the Chinese Mussolinis make the trains run on time.

Liberals fundamentally and instinctively mistrust the people and instead favor paternalistic statism.

Silverfiddle said...

Jack: Very well said, and so polite!

Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks Silver. I get all my vitriol out on my own blog, so I try to remain civil and not bring other people's patch of internet space down into the gutter.