Thursday, April 28, 2011

John Galt's Streaming Internet Radio

If you've got time, check this out:

It's a guide to thousands of radio stations. You can use it to find your favorite talker and listen over the internet.

I've been using streamingradioguide for years to get my Michael Savage fix in the evening after work, and I was saddened to see a blog post from owner Art Stone saying he was packing it in.  Lots of outpouring of "please reconsider," etc (including me), but to no avail.  He lamented that no one even visited the blog part of the site until he announced it was closing at the end of the week.  It really saddened me.

For whatever reason, I decided to click the link on Monday just for old times sake, and he's posted a trailer for Atlas Shrugged.  Go to the blog, and follow the right links, and you end up in a new domain, where he laughingly says "Welcome to Atlantis!"  Atlas Shrugged fans will get it immediately.

He's doing the opposite of what bloggers normally do.  He shut down a popular site and set up a new one that only the curious and persistent could find.  He delisted the site from Google so it won't show up in searches.  He's up to something, I don't know what, but you should probably jump in before he shuts down new membership.


Always On Watch said...

I'm bookmarking this resource right now.

Thanks for the info!

Always On Watch said...


I'll also blogroll the site.

Silverfiddle said...

It's a wonderful resource. The real beauty of it is you can find shows that are run other than their normal times.

For instance, Michael Savage starts at 4:00 pm my time, but I may want to catch his first hour at, say 6 or 7, after we've had supper and I've helped the kids with the math homework.

Art has removed the Atlas Shrugged trailer and now put an obvious red button. I guess he figured toying with people one week was long enough.

Anyway, it was an interesting development to see that the guy who runs it is a libertarian.

Jim Gourdie said...

Got it! Thank you, Silver. Now I can actually get news in English.

Silverfiddle said...

No problem, Jim! And its not just news, but all categories of talk and music. It's a real treasure.

It's also a nice forum to talk with fellow conservatives and libertarians.

Will said...

Most local radio stations either don't carry radio talk shows I enjoy, or they come on at odd hours. My favorites are Jerry Doyle, Free Talk Live, Jason Lewis, and Michael Savage. Thankfully, the internet provides a good source to find my faves, and for the most part I use this site:

These days, I think the mantra of "who is John Gault," should be expressed in an exclamatory question: Remember Winston Smith(!) ?

Silverfiddle said...

Will: I agree on the John Galt/Winston Smith.

talkstreamlive may do the trick, but it doesn't have the personal feel of streaming radio

radar said...

My wife will love that link!

Yikes, I haven't visited for awhile. I read Atlas Shrugged as a grade schooler and it had a profound effect on me. Ayn Rand would be disappointed that I eventually became a Christian in part because I decisively repudiated collectivism.

Thanks for the kind words over at my place, by the way.

Maggie Thornton said...

Thanks Silver. I registered and will add to blogroll.

Ken Wickmire said...

Michael Savage?? rofl :)