Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Distraction Wrapped in an Enigma

John Kass, Daley watcher and Obama chronicler from Chicago has the best take yet on the whole birth certificate thing.  He's the man who coined the term "hopium," as in "liberals need to put down the hopium pipe and see what a failure Obama is."   You can read his article here:  Birth Certificate?  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Birth Certificate.

He manages to lampoon Trump for the buffoon that he is while simultaneously providing a hilarious chronicle of how The One came to be in Chicago.

Obama's Citizenship:  Final Thoughts
That Obama was not born in Hawaii always seemed shaky to me.  How did they fake the newspaper out, since the hospital provided the names of the newborns?  Also, for this conspiracy to work, the state of Hawaii, or people in the records department had to be "in on it."   You don't think Hillary's private dicks didn't throw some money around trying to get someone to chirp?

There remain some interesting threads.  Did he claim to be an exotic foreigner to ingratiate himself with American radicals and to gain entry into prestigious universities?  Did his parents at some point renounce his citizenship?  Did he possess a foreign passport?  And what's up with the social security number he used on his selective service registration?  Investigators claim it is from Connecticut, but neither he nor his parents ever lived there.

And the layers in the birth certificate released by the White House?  What if an Obama operative did that on purpose?  Do you really think someone perpetrating a fraud at that high of a level would be so amateurish?  The certificate placates all but a small, hard-core group convinced it's a fraud.  Perhaps Obama operatives did the layering on purpose to keep the conspiracy theorists baying and yapping, perpetuating a cheap and easy smear of everyone to the right of Obama.

This also allows hopium smokers on the left to perpetuate their cheap psychological projections, insisting "birtherism" is a sneaky manifestation the sub-rosa racism that lurks in the hearts of all conservatives.  The leftwing wackadoos insist this is a stealthy racist plot to demean and marginalize the most powerful black man in the world. 

It's a never ending descent into madness, as are all conspiracy theories.  You could spend the rest of your life on any one thread.  But the election is less than two years away, and I am encouraged to see conservatives, especially my fellow Right Blogistanis, focus in on this man's disastrous policies.

Now, if we can just flush liberal democrat Trump, we can get on with nominating the next president of The United States of America


Always On Watch said...

Perhaps Obama operatives did the layering on purpose to keep the conspiracy theorists baying and yapping, perpetuating a cheap and easy smear of everyone to the right of Obama.

Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Obama knows how to manipulate to achieve his own ends -- his primary goal being the increase of his own power.

Anonymous said...

The hospital does not provide the announcements in the newpapers for births. the state of Hawaii did , so if the birth was registered locally or as a foreign birth, the paper would of printed the birth notice.

Anonymous said...

Only a loving God would give smart people like ourselves these birther morons to laugh at and ridicule.

Eat that atheists!

Sam Huntington said...

Let me just say that while people are wondering about where Obama was born, the federal government is suing various states over laws that make them “right to work states.” Now I don’t know about you, SF … but I find it extraordinary that the power of the federal government now aligns itself behind unions, rather than individuals. How amazing that at a time when our economy is a complete bust, the Obama administration decides to spend millions more taxpayer money to prop up union thugs. And are we hearing nothing about this from the so-called free press.

Silverfiddle said...

Indeed, Sam.

SC Governor Haley wrote an excellent piecei in the WSJ yesterday about how the feral government, via the union-owned NLRB is blocking Boeing from building planes in her state because South Carolina is a right to work state.

I used to laugh at those who said Obama was purposely flushing our nation down the toilet. I'm not laughing anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen reported today, "Separate polling found that President Obama earns 42% to 49% support against all of the top Republican contenders, including Trump, Romney and Huckabee, suggesting that the contest remains a referendum on the incumbent’s performance."

If 49% of the American people continue to support Obama after what he has done to this country, then we may as well bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.

Silverfiddle said...

Mustang: That 49% must be the same 49% that pay no taxes. Add in the marxist college professors and the moneyed crony crapitalists, and he is over the top and we are in trouble.

TonyFernandez said...

I don't know what's left to support. I thought that people supported him at first because of his foreign policy, but then he attacked Libya. What's left to support?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Silver, Even if the birth certificate is legit, which I have my doubts (call me a birther or anything else), it still does not negate the question of his eligibility due to the fact that his "father" Obama, Sr. was a British subject, and that makes Obummer, Jr. a dual citizen. The Constitution does not allow for some one with dual citizenship to become president.

Also, I still cannot understand why so many people seem to brush off the birth certificate issue as being unimportant. What if it turns out that everything about Obama is a fraud, including the B.C., don't you think that would be an extremely huge and important constitutional issue?

I consider myself to be rather intelligent and I keep an open mind on the B.C. issue, especially since a lot of things about it just do not add up. And as far as the birth announcement in the paper, I have seen plenty of birth announcements that were hospital supplied, in newspapers all over the U.S., and none of them looked anything like the announcement that was placed in the paper concerning Obama's birth. That one looked more like an announcement put in by a family member.

Silverfiddle said...

Reverend: Mark Steyn had a good commentary on the Natural Born issue. It is not so clear as some would have us believe.

If you are born in the US to a US citizen father and an alien mother, you are not a dual citizen. You are a US citizen. Court cases based their rulings on the British definition of the term, since the US Constitution doesn't define it.

More importantly, we have a 50/50 chance to send this citizen of the world packing. We have 0% chance of impeaching him since the Dems control the senate.

It's not that the issues is not important, it's that this nation is collapsing under the progressive wrecking ball, and focusing on his disastrous policies is the highest percentage chance to save our nation.

Tony: The Left Blogistanis are very upset with their hero. They'll vote for him in 2012 because they have no alternative. And to vote against him would be racist!

Country Thinker said...

Several cases were presented to Supreme Court Justices prior to Obama's inauguration challenging Obama's claim of natural born citizenship (one was to Scalia, I recall). Why these petitions went straight to the SCOTUS, I don't know. The Justices sent these claims packing.

While I frequently disagree with the SCOTUS, this was a basic evidentiary matter, so I consider it done and decided. If they can't get that simple matter right, we're in worse shape than I thought.

Z said...

we'll never get to the bottom of the stupid b.c.'ll always be a curiosity how nobody could produce anything real and final for almost 3 years and why anybody'd spend some pretty good change to keep it under wraps.
Let's move on... We need to pick someone other than Trump who can treat the media like Trump does and who loves the country like Trump does; both things Republicans respect and like. OH, and the person needs to be a STAR because Americans are more drawn to celebs than substance these days.
ANy chance any Republican will fill THAT bill?
good luck to us.

Jersey McJones said...

Did it ever occur to you guys that Obama just happens to be an American just like you and me who just happened to be the right man in the right place at the right time to become President of the United States of America? Or does that thought just really bother you?


Anonymous said...

>Or does that thought just really bother you?

No. That thought is just too many universes away from reality to believe that it was written with any amount of seriousness by anyone with any amount of intelligence or sanity.

Anonymous said...

Jersey: No one is better at dumb leftist satire than you. You are the king.

Silver: As for the whole Donald/ birth certificate I'm with you 100% It's a calculated distraction.

Silverfiddle said...


You're arguing with the wrong crowd. We're done with the birther thing.

"...Obama ... just happens to be the right man in the right place at the right time"

Yes, that's what all the liberty-hating, people-mistrusting, big government progressive statists believe.

He and his klatch of pseudo-intellectual Marx-loving, Mao-worshiping pointy-heads are destroying our country before our eyes.

Our economy runs on oil, but he forbids drilling.

He prevents Boeing from manufacturing planes in SC because they are a right to work state.

He is presiding over the final demise of the dollar and doing NOTHING to prop it back up.

Obama and his rabble are doing to this country what our enemies could only dream of doing.

Yeah, Obama is the right man in the right place at the right time, if you hate America and want to see her destroyed.

Joe said...

I don't know where President BO was born, and it really doesn't matter.

Even if it could be proven that he was not a natural born citizen, by the time the investigation was over, so would be his terms.

Meanwhile, we are stuck with abominable (or should it be Obamanable?) policies that will sink the United States.

Today's inflation cannot be placed at the feet of G. Bush, it is pure Obamanomics. So are the other ills we face today.

Rob said...

My thing is that, at a time when racism could've been at an all-time low point - I mean, there's a black man in the Oval Office, so STFU - Obama allowed this whole birth certificate thing to rekindle racism. I've read where people attacked Trump for bringing the racially-charged issue back to the forefront, but I hold Obama solely accountable for giving the "birthers" the opportunity to do so. (Altho I considered the "birther" issue more nativism than racism anyway.)

I'm still baffled over how withholding the birth certificate this long benefited him, but I have no doubt that this was a well-orchestrated, strategic move on Obama's part. That this came out just as he's beginning to ramp up his re-election efforts is no mere coincidence.