Monday, April 25, 2011

Muslims, Neo Nazis, defile Easter and blame it on the Jews

White Supremacists & Islamic Extremists:  One in the Same

A little-noticed event happened in the comments thread of my Happy Easter post.  Anon from England (an Islamic extremist) posted a link to a YouTube of an Israeli TV show given to irreverent humor.  The particular episode mocks Christ's crucifixion.

Islamists and white supremacists (they are indistinguishable) have seized upon this video as a propaganda opportunity.  They hope to stir up anti-Jewish hatred among American Christians, who are by and large big supporters Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East and the one nation in that region where a Muslim can enjoy peace and prosperity.

I went to YouTube and engaged with a few comments, but it turned out to be a stinking sewer of white supremacists and angry jihadis (one in the same).  One commenter hurled anti-Semitic insults at me and threatened to throw me in an oven, to which I replied "good luck, you'd probably get tangled up in your burka."

Here's my Response to the cowardly anon who posted here yesterday: 

Your anti-Jew, pro-Palestine propaganda ploy won't work here.  We are not ignorant, sweaty hordes of bug-eyed religious fanatics easily stirred up by Imams waving cartoons and news of burned Korans.

I will thank you for beautifully illustrating that neo-nazis and islamic jihadis are one in the same, sharing a virulent hatred of Jews and of America.

Here's my favorite observation about this video. Read it and learn something. It is from Fish Eaters Traditional Catholic Forum:
Your blind hatred of all things Jewish has obviously kept you from looking at this rationally.

It's obviously not a kids show. It's intent is obviously to be rude, crude and uncivilized. It obviously was broadcast on whatever the Israeli version of Spike TV is.

So some Jews hate and make fun of Christians, so what? At the end of the day, it was a tv show, but the Jews didn't burn down any churches, they didn't rape and murder Christian women, they didn't gather in the streets in huge crowds to scare and beat all the Christians out of the village.

Oh, wait, who does that? You're beloved muzzies.

I have never met a Jew that has been disrespectful to me about my Catholic beliefs. Does that mean all Jews are respectful? Of course not. But you see one example of such crudity and you sensationalize it as if every last Jew was exactly the same. You're an ignorant person, at least when it comes to Judaism, because you let your emotions lead you around.

So, yes, even after seeing that, I'd still vote for Israel on the Israel vs. Palestine thread, because if I were a Christian in Israel, if all I had to deal with was some disrespectful tv satire around Easter (um, history channel anyone? at least their tv is mocking it as an obvious joke, our tv mocks it and tells us if we're intelligent people we would never believe the claims of Christ.), it would be much better than what I'd have to deal with in Egypt or Palestine.
We are not so stupid to fall for this propaganda.  So Anon, pack your Jew-hating, hitler loving, Jihadi-supporing, cowardly, lily-livered ass on down the line.

Tell Children the Truth


Sam Huntington said...

I think all of us should be tolerant of opinions delivered by nitwits; it provides much needed comedic value and answers the question, “Are leftists, communists, and Islamacists really that stupid?” And may I say that I enjoyed your Easter Post, and was not at all surprised to find that an atheist was compelled to try to ruin your Easter by challenging you on your beliefs. If that is not a clear demonstration of stupid, then I can’t imagine what is …

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, I was a little disappointed as well and didn't expect it from Jersey.

I could understand if I were attacking atheism, but I was not.

But this that I'm posting about today really set me off.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Silver, These morons get so wrapped-up in their blind hatred that they ignore reality and context of what they see and hear. This condition leaves them totally unintelligible with the exception of profanity.

I can understand you spending time to answer such BS here on your blog but for you to be baited by that link and then spend time there, well I am at a loss for word's.

Jersey McJones said...

Oh, c'mon Silver and Sam, the whole point of the post was to question why anyone wouldn't believe! Of course I responded as I did. And I thought I did it respectfully and honestly, responding to the quotes you had posted, Silver.

I wasn't attacking anything or anyone. I was simply pointing out there there are other ways of looking at things.

That other guy was another matter entirely. I'm surprised you even responded to him.


Anonymous said...

>And I thought I did it respectfully

Going to someone's blog on the holiest of days for that person's religion and telling him that his religion has killed more people than anything else? Yeah, that's super respectful...

No grownup would view it as anything other than inviting yourself in for a typically classless attack on something that is deeply sacred to SF and others who visited to give well wishes on the occasion.

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: I'm thick-skinned, and will not criticize people for saying things here since I invite discussion, but you did go on the attack when I did not attack atheists.

My post was to encourage fellow believers, not put down non-believers. Don Rumsfeld took a page from Kant when he said we don't know what we don't know.

I'll leave it at that. It's yesterday's news.

Silverfiddle said...

Christopher and Jersey: I too am surprised and ashamed I allowed myself to get baited in.

I was just going to delete his comment, but I detest such censorship and harshly criticize it when liberals do it at their blogs. Doing so would have violated my principles and made me a hypocrite.

I thought this could be one of those issues that goes viral, given Christian support of Israel, so I wanted to get in front of it and call it for what it is: A tasteless TV show that does not speak for all Israelis or all Jews being exploited by Jew-haters.

I didn't want my fellow believers to fall into the trap.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Silverfiddle, I must say you have a magnificent way with words. Well done.

Z said...

Hi...Bastiatarian has the key comment: Why would anyone desire to enter into a person of faith's comments section like some did here on Easter Sunday?
Even my liberals don't do that ... it's a very sad heart that feels that need. May the Holy Spirit fill it with something much better...
I think it's important that the video is revealed for what it is, I'm not going to even watch did good, Silverfiddle.
But, by the way, my liberals and atheists are anti Semitic,'s a terrible and telling phenomenon.
Remember that case where the little Arab boy was sheltered by his father against a wall in Jenin but he was shot to death and the world wept and the Israelis were roundly insulted for it? ALl of us know now the boy is alive and healthy; did anybody see a disclaimer on the story?
this is the kind of mind Israels and Christians are dealing with ....prayer is all we can do...thank God it's a pretty good and powerful "all"!

Jersey McJones said...

Guys, yo udo realize it is extremely un-Christian of you to take my words out of context, right?

Bastiat, did you read the while thread or just chose to attack with forethought as usual?

I think it's good, Silver, that you allowed that post to stand. It was a cheap shot. People poke fun at religion all the time - but the implication of that comment was that somehow Jews are anti-Christians, and we all know that's not true. Jews have been VERY tolerant of Christianity over the millenia. I personally give them a TON of credit for that. No people have ever been worse to the Jews than Christians. The reverse can not be said.


Anonymous said...

I think whoever quoted "we don't know what we don't know," hit the nail on the head.

For atheists, it's silly to say that you know there is no God. How can you disprove the existence of something that lies beyond human perception? It's like saying "aliens exist" or that they likely exist. How do you know? You cannot perceive aliens, therefore you cannot definitively say they exist. Just as well, just because something lies beyond your perception doesn't mean that it can't possibly exist.

For believers, Paul mentions that there are 3 theological virtues: faith, hope, and love. Two of those virtues, faith and hope, have nothing to do with knowing. None of us can know with 100% certainty that God exists. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition holds that through reason we can come to the assumption that the existence of God is reasonable, and say with a little certainty that God probably does exist, but we can never know.

That's why we have faith and hope, because we can never know, with our mortal minds, what exists beyond this mortal existence.

Anonymous said...

Israel, of course, has no greater friend than Christians, and never did have.
I'm wondering if some people still think Hitler was a Christian?
I'd stick my neck out here and suggest most atheists were born CHristian...does that make them Christians? Just wondering :)

Anonymous said...

>Bastiat, did you read the while thread or just chose to attack with forethought as usual?

I always do my best to act with forethought, so yes, I chose to employ forethought when I attacked the bizarre things you said. I also quoted those bizarre assertions in a previous comment, for your convenience, and to make it clear which of your multitude of bizarre comments I was addressing. I believed that making it perfectly clear would help you follow along, but apparently I was wrong. I have sincerely tried to avoid underestimating your ability to comprehend, but I feel that I have been somewhat less than successful. Please forgive my limitations.

By the way, what is a "while thread?"

Anonymous said...

>I'm wondering if some people still think Hitler was a Christian?

Yes, believe it or not, there are still people that are that ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Like most Americans, I think people are free to express their point of view—particularly when, as you said, you invited your guests to comment. However, the invitation to speak a point of view doesn’t mandate it, particularly when the opinion may be personally hurtful.

What has happened here on the holiest of Christian observances demonstrates the absence of social grace and good manners. No, I’m not surprised.

Anonymous said...

You can't be "born Christian." I don't think there are such things as inate ideas. The concept of God is something that is not necessarily preprogrammed in our brains, but I do think that belief in the supernatural is something that we're naturally inclined to.

I buy into the tabula rasa theory. Being a Christian means you have a specific religious belief, and since you can't have any beliefs until you develop conscious thought, you can't be born a Christian.

Anonymous said...

I think it's understood what I meant, however, Jack....
"Born Christian" ....sorry I wasn't more specific; I meant born to a family other than a Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto family..
My point's still the same.
most Atheists are born into 'Christian' families..there is simply no doubt about that.
Hitler was no Christian just because his family was of no other faith but Christian.

Anonymous said...

You did good, my friend. I applaud you. The depth of ignorance that exists in this world is beyond my comprehension

Jersey McJones said...


You asked, "How can you disprove the existence of something that lies beyond human perception?"

There are so many things wrong with that question, it hurts my face.

How can I disprove a thing that lies beyond our own comprehension?

That's what you're asking me to do, right?

You're saying - 'Go ahead, try to disprove something that by definition can not be proved.'

Can I ask you this?

How can you tell me for sure that something exists beyond our comprehension?

How would we even know what we are ostensibly to believe exists.. exists?

It may as well be an invisible puppetshow!

Either you believe or you don't. It's all about faith and belief. Please don't pretend it is rational thought.


Jersey McJones said...


Please tell me that you didn't write an entire retort on two typos of mine!

I meant to write "without forethought" (ironic, huh? lol!) and "while thread" would of course be "whole" thread. It's a common typo. The I is next to the O on a keypad.

You did think of that, right?

Please tell me you did.

Please man, argue the arguments, not the arguers.


Trekkie4Ever said...

Well done. You are far more tolerant than I am when it comes to those who comment anonymously and spew out their hate.

I commend you for keeping your wits about you.

Anonymous said...


To think that human understanding and perception is the pinnacle of thought in this existence is exceedingly arrogant.

For all of our science, we still can't explain why existence itself even exists. We can say "oh the big bang," but what about before the big bang?

Your head hurts and you think it's inconceivable because it is. Human understanding has a limit, and until you're willing to admit that, Truth will elude you forever.

Hayden said...

It is amazing how threatened some people get when someone makes a post about their particular faith -to the point of having to attack it vehemently. I don't see real Christians running around showing their asses on posts depicting a certain religious belief on certain religious holidays.

I find it further interesting that the people who behave so poorly as to attack a simple expression of faith on a holiday to be the whacko extremists. If a religion or faith is so fragile as to not be able to withstand a challenge, a stupid cartoon drawing, or any word in difference to it, a person may want to rethink exactly what it is he or she is following.

Silverfiddle: Excellent post -Easter and this one!

Anonymous said...

Absolute blasphemy! I am so sick of the Jew haters.....GRRRRRRRRRR.......

Anonymous said...

>Please tell me that you didn't write an entire retort on two typos of mine!

Why not? They were the most coherent parts of your comment.

>You did think of that, right?

Of course, but it's so hard to tell which parts of what you write were what you intended and which were the parts that just came out wrong. It's all so very bizarre and irrational.

>Please man, argue the arguments, not the arguers.

Once again, the irony...

I don't think I've ever come across anyone who avoids the actual (and clearly stated) points I make with such consistency as you. A typical exchange with you goes something like this:

1. JMJ makes a bizarre statement. (See "Emotionally Driven Drivel" and "Intellectual Sloth" for details.)
2. Bastiatarian refutes the bizarre statement. (See "Simple Statements of Clear Logic" for details.)
3a. JMJ disappears. (See "Forfeiting the Game" for details.)
3b. JMJ talks about something other than what Bastiatarian has pointed out. (See "Straw Man Arguments" for details.)

Jersey McJones said...


To think that human understanding and perception is the pinnacle of thought in this existence is exceedingly arrogant."

Oh jeez Jack, I did not say that, and do not believe that.

Please. You don't have to misrepresent me to argue with me.

"For all of our science, we still can't explain why existence itself even exists. We can say "oh the big bang," but what about before the big bang?"

Exactly. We need to figure it out. We shouldn't just assume we know something we freely admit we can not.

I, unlike you, Jack, question the "truths" others, even those I like, proselyze at me.

Bastiat, still? really?


Karen Howes said...

Gee, Neo-Nazis and Muzzies on the same team? Go figure...

Hope you had a great Easter!

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Bastiat totally pwned you. You should know by now to not make wild, unsubstantiated claims.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. It is a challenging world we live in, and it takes prayer and cold logic to keep oneself from going crazy.

Finntann said...

Aside from the fact that it is a great manipulation of fact, which you progressives seem to really fancy, to compare a historical time period of 24 years to a time period of 2011 years.

But a historically based refutation of your assertion "That's why more people have died in the name of Jesus than even Nazism caused!"
can be found in the comments to yesterday's post.

To SF's credit on today's post... the first thing to do with any factual assertation is to put it in context. "He killed 37 people" is a far cry from "He killed 37 people with a machine gun defending his foxhole in the Battle of the Bulge", or in this case "He killed 37 people in a Saturday Night Live skit".

Context, another thing you progressive propogandists like to ignore.

How about: Christianity, it's a hell of a lot safer to live under than marxism-socialism?


Z said...

"Christianity, it's a hell of a lot safer to live under than marxism-socialism?"

:-) amen to THAT!

Jersey McJones said...

Okay Silver, what other cause has taken more souls? I'd love to hear it.

"pwned" is a teenagers expression. When you look at the Holocaust alone, and just simply ignore the Christian religious implications, you only further make your point pathetically teenagerish.

You guys don't have the facts. You can't accept them.


Anonymous said...

>"pwned" is a teenagers expression

That doesn't change the fact that you get "pwned" on a regular basis. With a win-loss record of about 0 and 800, you must be quite the masochist to keep coming back for more!

Anonymous said...

Jersey, you mistake my meaning. I constantly question what we think to be Truth as well.

I'd be a poor student of Socrates if I ever stopped questioning.

Finntann said...

You guys don't have the facts. You can't accept them.

I got news for you, that uncomfortable feeling in your bowels...those are the facts, because that's where your argument just got forcibly placed. That nasty taste in your mouth would be crow.

What facts do you have? I provided you with plenty of them with references. All you can do is blow harder. You made a wild assertion, I refuted it with scholarly references, dispute my references if you can... but don't just make another unproven statement.

The problem with you progressives is you have the facts and ignore them. The scholarly consensus among historians is 50,000 people died as a result of the European witch persecutions, one whack job alleges five million and you're all over that number.

So... War by war, incident by incident. Cite numbers killed and back them up with legitimate references.

When you look at the Holocaust alone, and just simply ignore the Christian religious implications, you only further make your point pathetically teenagerish.

SO WHAT? Are you implying that the holocaust was some Christian conspiracy? And not just another socialist experiment gone horribly wrong?

I heard a great example of progressive thinking the other day that deserves repeating:

If you sell below market value you are undercutting.

If you sell at market value you are in collusion.

If you sell over market value you are gouging.

Can't win for losing with you folks, can one?

You are illogical, incoherent, and utterly inconsistent.

Obama 2008: Don't raise the debt ceiling.

Obama 2011: Raise the debt ceiling.

I guess it's whatever suits your mood and your current agenda eh?

Bash Christians cause you don't like religion... god forbid anybody says anything bad about Islam cause you need voters.

You can submerge a crucifix in urine and that's okay... but you better not draw a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed.

You people make me sick.

Finntann said...

OH, and what cause has taken more souls?


And thats just in 150 years or so, not 2000.

Put that in your progressive pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Jersey- Why is it that you are so interested in what the believers are doing? We are not forcing you believe one way or another. If none of it is true, what does it matter to you? Perhaps attacking faith helps you with your own inner conflict?

Your fringe religion of extreme denial has been tried before and it has always perished with those who fought so hard for it.

As science explores our universe your Atheism rooted in 19th century pseudoscience has become as obsolete as the modes of transportation from that day.

There is endless evidence for the existence of a supreme intelligence, but nothing to refute it. Your blind faith in your outdated theories would be comical, if it were not so sad.

MathewK said...

"....easily stirred up by Imams waving cartoons and news of burned Korans."

Make that child-raping, gutless imams.

MathewK said...

I should add, there's really no use talking sense to these thick-skulled haters. Best to just tell them - @#$% you too you Jew-hating sack of sh!t - and be done with it.

Silverfiddle said...

MK: I need to take some writing lessons from you :)