Friday, January 18, 2013

A Brave New World

Some bloggers in Right Blogistan have quit.

Others, like Conservatives on Fire and Geeeeez, heroically continue the search for answers, and Always On Watch seems to share my mood, which is fight on, but I'm tired. The fiery pens of Finntann, Hugh Farnham and Viburnum are all that keep Western Hero open for business.

Other bloggers like Bobby Coggins have refocused their blogs to state issues, which I think is probably the most productive area for conservative bloggers.

WW II and the decade afterward was America's pinnacle

We have lost our national character, and it shows.  I don’t blame anyone for giving up their blog. At this point, I think we are all pissing in the wind.  (The liberal blogs are too; they just don't know it yet.)

I have taught my children history, and I have taught them what I know about economics, and they are becoming smart libertarians with a skeptical eye towards wealth, power, privilege and governments, especially those who want to “help” you. I have not taught them to be cynics, but rather clear-eyed observers who, like George Orwell (who I made them read), can face facts, no matter how painful they may be.

My kids have been to other countries and they speak other languages, so I’ve taught them that the world is theirs. Get a good degree and go wherever on earth opportunities present themselves.

There Will be No "Taking Back America"

America has always been a forward looking country, and we've never had a revanchist streak.  There will be no constitutional reconquista.

America changes and adapts as a nation, and we are at one of those points. I don't predict a sudden catastrophe, but rather a continuing slow slide to something new.  The trend will continue until it no longer can.

America will never go back to what it once was. Both parties have destroyed it and our society. We will become more like Latin America, with a permanent kleptocratic oligarchy (already in place, and nicely bipartisan as well) and increasing class warfare, being stoked as we speak.

Those who have wealth will live in walled compounds and to hell with the rest.  Rich democrats like Pelosi, the Kennedy's and Diane Feinstein do this already, flinging federal pennies at the hoi polloi to assuage their crusted consciences.  Corruption will be cynically taken for granted in this Hobbesean all against all, those in the middle will learn how to hide their wealth from crooks in and out of government, but we will limp along.

On the positive side, Latin American societies that suffer from such government and oligarchic malfeasance enjoy more tightly-knit neighborhoods and stronger coworker and family ties. Being crapped on every day tends to build solidarity. With any luck, the day will come soon in this country when a limousine cannot drive down a busy street in broad daylight without catching a few eggs or angry rocks.

I expect at some point, when the federal government is finally and completely broke, the country will split up, with different parts realigning with however the global power structure looks at the time.

I still believe in constitutional conservatism, but our messaging is worn out.  As Friedrich Hayek said, enduring ideas and arguments must be picked up and recast by each generation, so that they make them their own.  We are yesterday preaching to tomorrow; that is why constitutional conservatism is on the run.  This generation must make the eternal ideas of the founders their own if they are to endure and have any relevance to the people of today.  I guess there's still time for that to happen...

The Founders called it an experiment.

Neil Young was burned out in the early 70's when he wrote Ambulance Blues.  The parallels to today are startling.  His lines about Nixon fit our current president perfectly, and I also love this line...

"There's ain't nothin' like a friend who can tell you you're just pissin' in the wind..."

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