Thursday, January 24, 2013

Algeria... It's their Country

Western Leaders Miffed over Algerian Raid

Nations with hostages in Algeria have reacted with muted anger to the North African country's decision to launch a military rescue mission without consultation.

Were we going to say No?

The United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Great Britain, France... none of these states would have consulted or notified Algeria if the situation were reversed and Algerians were being held, among other hostages, on their sovereign soil.  

And we wonder why other people don't like us.

Westerners who travel, vacation, or work in foreign countries ought to know what they are getting themselves into before they leave.  One cannot reliably expect the US Marines to come charging in should the situation become dire.  When one enters a foreign country one assents to the risk, to the laws, and to the sovereignty of that state.

So, exactly what are Western Leaders Miffed about?

You can't advocate national sovereignty for yourself while denying it to others.  While Algeria undoubtedly would have benefited from western intelligence and tactical advice, one cannot fault them, however horribly it went wrong, from exercising the same military options in dealing with the situation that western nations are just as capable of, and just as capable of botching.

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