Monday, January 14, 2013


We keep hearing how the Hispanic population is growing in the United States, and some are wringing their hands over it. I am not one of them. There is nothing special about Caucasians of European descent, and if white Anglos follow the example of their continental cousins and stop breeding, then they deserve to die out.

I don't get as worked up over Hispanic immigration as some do. We come from a similar background and we share a common set of societal norms and moral principles.

Hispanics Assimilate

500 years of history shows that Hispanics assimilate into our culture, while also bringing the best of their culture with them. They are a part of us. They are war heros. Forty-three Hispanics, like Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez (a great and humble man I had the pleasure of meeting once), have won the Medal of Honor.

Look around you. How many people with Hispanic last names do you know who don't even speak Spanish?    They are doctors, nurses, lawyers, academics, scientists and heating and plumbing specialists.  They fill Catholic, LDS and evangelical churches every Sunday.  Also, Hispanics intermarry at a rate second only to Asians, adding to their assimilation.

Hispanics are entrepreneurial and industrious people, and they are family oriented. They have to be because there are no safety nets where they come from. The tragedy is that instead of building on these traits, our government snuffs them, by herding immigrants into government ghettos where checks and food stamps replace the family, and condescending coddling replaces entrepreneurship, which is strangled by grotesque tangles of regulations and red tape unheard of in Latin America.

Government programs and the poverty pimps who peddle them are producing pockets of unassimilated people butchering hogs in their front yards and sitting around collecting unemployment and food stamps instead of getting with the program, learning English and going to work. Instead of handing out food stamps, a smart government would be issuing them work permits and business licenses.

Latinos will assimilate and do ok so long as we can keep them from the clutches of the nanny state welfare pimps who seek to enslave in order to harvest their votes as they do other downtrodden groups.

And on the broader immigration issue, I pretty much agree with Senator Marco Rubio's approach.

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