Monday, January 21, 2013

Ed Burke, Chicago Alderman

Alderman Ed Burke — Chicago's most powerful Council member — proposed a law Thursday that would ban the sale and distribution of highly caffeinated beverages to all consumers, not just minors.

His ordinance states, “No person shall sell, give away, barter, exchange or otherwise furnish any energy drink," defined as “a canned or bottled beverage which contains an amount of caffeine exceeding or equal to 180 milligrams-per-container and containing Taurine or Guarana.”
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The first thought that crosses my mind is "What unmitigated gall".  What makes a local politician think that this is a reasonable exercise of power, or that telling their fellow citizens what they may or may not drink is within their purview?  Here is the explanation.

Joseph Burke was elected Alderman of the 14th ward in 1953, a position he held until his death in 1968.

In 1968, in a secret ballot of 65 precinct captains,  Edward Burke, age 24, was handed his father's committeeman seat, a position he has held ever since. Elected Alderman in 1969 in a special election, he ran unopposed from 1971 until 2007 when he ran against a schoolteacher who had never held public office.

The history of Chicago politics and the history of Ed Burke go hand in hand.  From investigations, to grand juries, to indictment and conviction of his staff, the Teflon alderman has survived it all.

Professional Politician, Dynastic Succession, Chicago Politics, explains it all.

Ed Burke, Western Hero would like to give you the finger! 


You've undoubtedly heard of the Oscars and the Clios... here at Western Hero we would like to recognize politicians who go above and beyond general governance to a realm beyond.  We thought of naming our award the Nero, the George III, or the Stalin... but with all due diligence and consideration, we thought giving them the finger was most appropriate.

Please don't confuse our finger award with the Bill Finger Award, which is presented for excellence in comic book writing... no matter how comic the politicians we award appear to be, the two are in no way related.

We look forward to the opportunity to give many politicians the finger.



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