Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't You Feel SAFE?

Now I Can Sleep At Night

We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we no longer have to look over our shoulders every time we see an Elvis impersonator.

After what seemed, at least in the media, as an open and shut case, suddenly fell apart when the prosecutor was forced to drop all charges.  It seems that Elvis, accused of mailing Ricin laced letters to President Obama and Senator Wicker were also mailed to a judge,  the wife of the current suspects previous political opponent.  

Leaving the courthouse Elvis was heard to remark "RICE?  I don't even eat rice".

So relax...



Now reports are leaking out from the Feds that the hiding Dzhokar was unarmed when police fired over 200 rounds into the boat.  Seems kind of counterproductive to seizing an intelligence asset for questioning.  Now obviously, he was extremely dangerous and police had no way of knowing whether he was armed or not, but it is distinctly possible that this was a case of "contagious" fire. Not that I can blame them, but perhaps its time to start arming our robots with tasers.

All in good fun

Our police and law enforcement officials do a wonderful job...

...most of the time.


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