Monday, April 1, 2013

She's asking for it? We're all asking for it...

In Steubenville Ohio, where being a high school football star gives you a license to rape, people are indignant that the authorities had the temerity to prosecute two football star rapists.

Does anyone else see the similarity between Penn State/Sandusky/Paterno and Steubenville?

Here's a typical jock sniffer comment:
“They’re alleging she got raped; she’s acknowledging that she wanted to leave with Trent. Her friends say she pushed them away as she went and got into the car, twice telling them, ‘I know what I’m doing; I’m going with Trent,’” Mayo said.  (IB Times)
So she asked to be raped, see?  Classy.

The man who said that, Steubenville NAACP president Royal Mayo, is a tool.  This is where identity politics ends up. Who do you stand up for? A raped girl or the black rapist?  Well, Mayo's in the race business, not the women's right industry, so he says the raped girl got what was coming to her.  This is how deterministic our "progressive" society has become.

Curfew for Adults

Is it any wonder the nanny statists look down upon us from on high and conclude that we must be swaddled in laws and lectures?  It leads good people to say things like this, as if we lived in North Korea, and not The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave:
“Irvington closes their bars an hour before we do. East Orange closes restaurants at 10 p.m., so why in Newark [do] we let folks kind of have their way and go a lot later?” Newark Mayor Cory Booker asked. 
(CBS Local)
Can anyone blame Mayor Booker?  He's responding to violent people acting like wild animals and preying on others.  Are we too stupid and id-driven to be trusted with our freedoms?

Or is this the result of successive generations trashing traditional morality, explaining away crime and making excuses for perpetrators?

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