Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Sessions: TECHNO


Often credited as the originator of the Techno genre, Juan Atkins  style of music was inspired by Alvin Toffler, from where the term Cybotron was borrowed. The most successful release of this 'new' music was Clear in 1983.

Derrick May

As Techno evolved different styles began to emerge such as Detroit Techno and Chicago House.  Derrick May's 1987 Strings of Life crossed both styles and was widely successful.  Strings of Life jumped the Atlantic and was deemed instrumental in the introduction of Detroit-style house music to the London Club scene.


Phuture, a Manchester based band is credited by some with the start of new sub-genre termed Acid House,  a title bestowed on the music from this cut... Acid Trax.



In 1989 DJ's Westbam and Dr. Motte opened Club UFO in Berlin and when the wall fell Techno/House music exploded across East Germany.  A tripartite alliance formed between continental, British, and Detroit/Chicago house with DJs and musicians travelling freely and influencing each others styles.  Modern house music was born and centers of influence as diverse as Finland and Japan formed.

Today - Monoblok&PSLKTR

This song was topping the Techno chart the week of 2-18



Not to offend any of you Techno fans out there,  but this is a style of music I tend not to listen to at home or in the car, but it is a style of music that is best served up in a club teeming with people, bright flashing lights, lasers, and a good drinkThe club scene is one that I no longer frequent as often as I used to, but that still on occasion is hopping good time.



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