Thursday, December 19, 2013

From the Whores of Congress...

Fragged by the Senate

Yesterday, the senate voted to steal 6 billion dollars from those that volunteered and proudly served our country and give 4 billion dollars to the children of illegal aliens.

Thank any of these 9 republicans:

1. Ron Johnson - Wisconsin
2. Orin Hatch - Utah
3. Saxby Chamblis - Georgia
4. John McCain - Arizona
5. Susan Collins - Maine
6. John Hoeven - North Dakota
7. Johnny Isakson - Georgia
8. Lisa Murkowski - Alaska
9. Rob Portman - Ohio

Or any of the democrats that vote like lemmings.

Honestly, these days, the only difference in my mind between republicans and democrats is the democrats have more party discipline.

"These heroes lay their lives on the line for us and they deserve us to fix this provision," 

Isakson said before voting for the budget agreement. 

Hey Isakson, you've earned it.

Don't Come Around Here No More

Frankly, the republican party is not the party of "no" they're the party of "can't" and I'm done with the Republican'ts... they're dead to me.

On a more personal and local note for Colorado's 5th...          Hey Dougie...this one's for you


Who's running against you in the 2014 primary?  I need to put a name on the check.


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