Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Handshake


That Shook the World


I have watched numerous videos and sifted through an assortment of still photographs and to me, and I might be wrong, it appears that Raul Castro offered his hand and Barack Obama shook it.

So, then...

Nixon - Fidel Castro 1959
Kennedy - Khrushchev 1961
Nixon - Mao 1972 
Rabin - Arafat 1993

Harry Truman even managed the nigh impossible simultaneous double handshake with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin in 1945.

Many are outraged 

Many are also ill-bred.  The act was civil, polite, and well mannered, I might also add diplomatic.  To refuse to shake hands (barring some polite explantion) is ill-mannered, rude, and insulting.

What do you think? Treason? Earth Shattering? Or simply Polite? 

On the subject of Rudeness

Does anyone else find it appalling that the current president and three former presidents; Carter, Clinton, Bush as well as ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the National Security Advisor, the Economics Advisor, "Several Senior White House Officials", and 23 congressmen can attend Nelson Mandela's funeral yet all we could muster for Margaret Thatcher was George Schulz, James Baker, three congressmen, and the London embassy staff?

Nelson Mandela was indeed a great man, but Maggie Thatcher was our staunchest ally through the cold war to the fall of the Berlin wall and leader of our closest ally from 1979-1990.

To me, that just doesn't seem right. 

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