Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What the Mullahs Know

The Emperor has no Teeth
The Iran gambit has risks and, if a final deal isn’t achieved after six months, the possibility of war rises. World leaders say President Obama’s credibility to enforce the deadline has been badly damaged. (Daily Beast)
We won't go to war

It's a toothless threat, and the Iranian tyrants know it.  Our military machine is running on two cylinders and our solders are worn out or kicked to the curb.

Democrats don't want a war with Iran, and Republicans have learned from recent debacles and soured on the idea as well. Obama is too cowardly to take a Bushesque, man-alone stand on principles, preferring to "lead" by peeking from behind Europe's skirts on Libya (a failed project) and drawing a line in the Levant and then running away from Syria.

Do I want us to attack Iran?

No. What would I have had the amateurs in the Obama Administration do? It's too late now, but they should have supported the uprising that took place in Iran two years ago, instead of pusillanimously looking the other way. Back then, we still had some credibility, and a little US moral support could have gone a long way. But the moment has passed, so the best thing for them to do it nothing. Hold the line on sanctions. Instead, they went into the Persian bazaar and got fleeced, returning home proudly displaying the fool's gold they bought.

Another disturbing aspect of this is that the Saudis, Israelis and Europeans are getting snotty with us for refusing to do their dirty work. On this, I support the president, but instead of being a weasel about it, trying to have it all ways simultaneously, he should proudly and loudly stand up and demand that they do their own damned dirty work. We sell them planes and bombs. If they want to blast Syria or Iran, tell them to put their own damned pilots in their own damned planes and go drop their own damned bombs their own damned selves--we're staying out of it.

If President Obama would display the courage of his convictions (if he as any) I would stand behind him applauding. Instead, he sent Susan Rice and John Kerry, our own dumb and dumber, to the Afghan bazaar to negotiate our ad infinitum pipeline of American blood and treasure to Ali Karzai and his 40,000 Taliban thieves.

So, in summary, with President Obama, we get the worst of both worlds. Endless military commitments and weakened global credibility. At least Bush and Cheney understood war-mongering...

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