Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anxious and in a State of Panic

To Protect and To Serve

David Perdue is the surfer who was on his way to catch some morning waves last Feb. 7 when he was stopped by Torrance police on the lookout for Christopher Dorner.  After he was cleared by the first set of officers, a second set of officers drove up the street, rammed Perdue's vehicle and began shooting at his head. He was not hit.

Charges will not be filed...

The district attorney found that because McGee and his partner, Erin Sooper, were "anxious" and in a state of "panic," their attempt to kill Mr. Perdue was justified.

At the time officers stopped Perdue, Dorner had already killed two people, and officers throughout the area were protecting people he named as targets. Authorities believed he was driving a pickup, although it was a different make and color than Perdue's truck.

NBC Los Angeles

“a reasonable mistake of fact”

Dorner, an African-American suspect, was reportedly driving a grey NissanTitan.  David Purdue, white, was driving a black Honda Ridgeline.  In the same manhunt police also opened fire on a pair of Latina women in a royal blue Toyota Tacoma, shooting 71 year old Emma Hernandez.  That suit was settled for $4.2 million.

Out of Control

I am generally inclined to give police officers the benefit of the doubt in marginal circumstances, these cases are not marginal.  Different makes, models, colors, not to mention different license plates and different races of the occupants of the vehicles demonstrate a shoot first ask questions later mentality.  These circumstances are illustrative of law enforcement out of control.  Multiple incidents of a similar nature, in this case and others,  indicate not officers who are anxious and panicked, but a systemic institutional problem. Law enforcement needs to get back to basics...

To Protect and To Serve


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