Monday, January 13, 2014

Vagina Ideologues

Ross Douthat incurred the arch indignation of New York Times readers by repeating a headline:

“Study: Having daughters makes parents more likely to be Republican.”

 He further rankled delicate progressives by positing the theory that increased sexual promiscuity leads to less commitment by men who...
"take[...] advantage of a social landscape in which sex has been decoupled from marriage but biology hasn’t been abolished, which means women still operate on a shorter time horizon for crucial life choices — marriage, kids — than do men.
In this landscape, what Nate wants — sex, and the validation that comes with being wanted — he reliably gets. But what his lovers want, increasingly, as their cohort grows older — a more permanent commitment — he can afford to persistently withhold, feeling guilty but not that guilty about doing so.
Reader comments revealed the sad fact that people not only hear only what they want to hear, but hear it through an ideological filter.  Doesn't that neanderthal rightwinger Douthat realize that Julia has met Barry?

The tired, unthinking responses from indoctrinated leftists are one of the principal reasons I have mostly retreated from Blogistan.  Here are two delightful samples:

"Is it just me, or is Ross suggesting, in a very indirect and veiled way, that fathers should be selecting their daughter's husbands???

"Rather than padlock virginity devices upon our daughters (I have 4, and 5 granddaughters) and cloak them in burkas or performing genital mutilation on them, I suggest that we address the Penis Problem which results in so much rape, child molestation, procreation of children abandoned by their fathers, porn addiction, use of prostitutes, sex slavery. Let us civilize our males into learning to control their baser selfish instincts, rather than behaving like wild animals.
Douthat suggested nothing of the sort. The closest he came was quoting a novelist who suggested women mount “some sort of a sexual strike against” irresponsible Peter Pan's who crave sex with no responsibility or commitment.

As for "civilizing males?" That's what morality is for, dimwit. You know, that set of rules of right and wrong that every culture in the history of the planet has crafted for itself? Throw them overboard, or replace them with modernist dogma that makes no logical sense, and this is what you get. Congratulations, progressives!

Here are more doctrinaire comments:
"Having a daughter makes me even more disgusted with the anti-woman, anti-girl policies of the GOP.

"What utter arrogant claptrap. Republicans are bad news for women.

"Why do you sidestep the abortion debate? Do you agree that our daughters have a right to choice? Why is that so hard for conservative/Republicans to understand?

"Sure, if you really love your daughters, vote for people who will make it harder for them to get birth control and impossible to get an abortion.
Progressives Objectify Women

The Republicans have taken no action to deny women birth control. Liberals are the sexists, treating women like walking vaginas, as if they had no interests or needs beyond the radius of their crotches. Is there anyone more narrow-minded about women than liberals who shrink down a young woman's essence to the freedom to contracept and abort her babies?

There's nothing new under the sun. We don't need studies to reinforce that age-old wisdom, transmitted by grinning older men to their young progeny, and equally scolded out by wizened older women helping young daughters and granddaughters build their battlements against the wiles of men:

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

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