Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are You Prepared?


The State of the Union

Dan Pfeifer, Assistant to the President, expects Obama to talk about:

"a set of real, concrete, practical proposals to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class and empower all who hope to join it"

Me, I think you may need one of these too:


Because you can rest assured, he's going to blow smoke up your ass.

Unemployment is down!

But not because there are more jobs... but because of a shrinking labor force.  Wall Street advisor David Marotta claims 37% but don't be too alarmed, that number is no more real than the government's one.

Income Inequality

Real median household income is down 8% since 2007 and you can only blame Bush for so long...By 49 percent to 41 percent, voters now blame “policies of the present” rather than “policies of the past” for their economic problems.

Maybe you'll need one of these too:


What do you think?

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