Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Disparate Impact

Pie Chart: ZnU
Entry to NYC's elite schools are determined solely by test scores, 5,103 students out of >70,000 eight graders were offered positions at those schools, the racial breakdown of those admitted?

Black: 5%
Hispanic: 7%
White: 28%
Asian: 52%

In the city as a whole the racial breakdown is:

White: 44%
Black: 25.5%
Asian: 15%
Hispanic: 41%*

*Note that the Census numbers don't add up to 100 because Hispanic is not a race and overlaps other categories. 

In the NY City School System the student breakdown is:

White: 16%
Black: 28%
Asian: 15%
Hispanic: 41%

At Stuyvesant High School only 10 of the 953 spots were earned by blacks.  This was documented in an article in the NY Times "Lack of Diversity Persists in Admissions to New York City's Elite High Schools"

"The schools should more closely resemble the population of the city" ~ Mayor Bill DeBlasio

"It's critical that our city's specialized high schools reflect the diversity of our city" ~ Chancellor Carmen Farina


Should not our High Schools, Colleges, and Universities populations reflect those with the most aptitude?  Should an Asian kid be discriminated against to allow a Black kid to attend?   

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