Friday, March 20, 2015

"People aren't Commodities"

The greedy vampires from Wall Street, the US Chamber of Crony Commerce and the Silicon Valley Billionaire Boys Club are begging Uncle Sam for more imported cheap labor, and the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings this week to consider it. There is strong bipartisan support for cutting the legs out from under the working men and women of America and stabbing them in the back, but there are a few politicians want to limit the H1B Visa Program.

Here is what Senator Jeff Sessions had to say.  Working people everywhere should adopt this verbatum as their manifesto:
“People aren’t commodities. We compare labor to commodities, but they’re not commodities. They’re human beings. They have families. They have hopes and dreams. They want stability in their life. They would like to have a good job at a company like the biggest utility in California—California Edison [where hundreds of Americans were laid off and replaced with guest workers]… We have no obligation to yield to the lust of big businesses… Mr. Zuckerberg is worth $27 billion, I guess he is 27 years old, I’m not sure. So he wants more foreign workers. I would like to think he might want to pay his employees more and maybe not have quite so many billions, if he’d like to be helpful, and maybe he could get more local workers.” (Breitbart - Sessions)
Democrats and Republicans in Congress are eager to help businesses undercut American workers, using the big lie of jobs Americans won't do or are not qualified for, but Jesse Jackson, God bless him, calls BS:
“We need to get rid of H1B workers,” Jackson said in a recent interview with Fortune Magazine. “There are Americans who can do that work, and H1B workers are cheaper and undercut wages.” (Breitbart - Corporate Greed)
Government favors to corporate America hurts real people

This is what congressional cupidity conspiring with corporate greed does to real people:
Several employees have come forward recently saying that SoCal Edison had used intimidation tactics such as telling them they would replace one worker with 4, 5, or 6 foreign workers on H1B visas, in an attempt to pressure them into taking a pay cut. Lavin, however, contends that these were lies and that the reality of what is happening is that SoCal Edison is replacing $95,000 annual wage earners with foreigners who will take $60,000 to $65,000 instead.  (Breitbart - Corporate Greed)
Here is what the Congressional-Corporate Axis of Evil is doing to working people:
“We were told if we wanted our severance that we were required to train our replacement,” a multiple-decades long-veteran employee of SoCal Edison who spoke with Breitbart News on condition of anonymity said in an interview. She was terminated this year from her IT position and replaced with an H1B worker.
This employee invested years of her life working for SoCal Edison but this year found herself jobless, like hundreds of her peers who were ordered to train their foreign replacements in a process dubbed as “knowledge transfer.” SoCal Edison stonewalled her and used her severance package as collateral against her. “You’re going to train your replacement if you want your severance,” she was told.  (Breitbart - Corporate Greed)
"Pure Greed."
According to a recent consulting report commissioned by SCE, the typical SCE IT worker is earning $110,000 while government records show Tata pays its H-1B workers $66,000 and Infosys pays $71,000. The savings go beyond just wages. H-1B workers have very limited bargaining power since the employers control their work permit. It should come as no surprise that H-1B workers are easily exploited. Those significant cost savings far outweigh the one-time H-1B legal and administrative fees of about $5,000 per worker. (The Hill - Outsourcing in America)
See how they rig the game to screw American working men and women?  Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durban do:
Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) have been working for a decade to fix the program. They propose: raising the H-1B wage floors to the average wage; ensuring that American workers have a first and legitimate shot at jobs; and, ensuring that American workers aren't being replaced by H-1Bs. This would mean the H-1B program is being used for truly skilled workers and not simply cheap labor."  (The Hill - Outsourcing in America)
Do we have a shortage of STEM graduates?  A smart nation would come up with some scholarship programs. We have way too many lawyers and political science majors, so swing the money away from them and use it to provide scholarships for STEM degrees.

Better yet, cut off this corporate welfare to the squatting globalists, the world-citizen corporatists, Mark Suckerturd and the rest of his Silicon Valley America haters who use our great nation like a cheap whore. Not enough servile, low-wage workers here? Then pack up your shit and get out. Go set up shop in South Stinkistan, and turn in your passport on the way out.

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