Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daylight Saving Time

That is correct, you lost an hour of sleep last night, why? It wasn't for the farmers... agriculture has opposed DST since the beginning.  Farmer's now have an hour less of daylight to get the cows milked and their goods to market.  That extra hour of daylight in the evening?  You stole it from the farmers.

It doesn't save energy, lighting is such a miniscule portion of energy usage the .02% decrease in energy usage for lighting is outweighed by the .15% increase in usage due to additional cooling requirements - Osaka Study.  The National Bureau of Economic Research did a study in Indiana before and after the adoption of DST and found a 1-4% increase in energy consumption.

Studies have shown an increased risk in heart attacks with the clock jump forward, an increased risk in suicides is also associated with the jump.

Think of the poor cows.

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