Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Would You Trust this Woman?

Washington (CNN) Former secretary of State and likely 2016 White House aspirant Hillary Clinton sought to tamp down concerns about her use of private email while leading the State Department during a press conference at the United Nations on Tuesday. While she maintained she had not broken any rules, she also said she would not be turning over the private server housing her correspondence, despite calls for her to release it for an independent review.
Can you imagine telling the IRS you're not turning over private records?  If we were still a nation of laws, federal agents would have already seized her clandestine mail server and charged her with mishandling official federal information governed by federal statutes.  She created a private stash of government records that is in violation of federal directives.

Hillary claimed she could not have both an official and a personal e-mail account on one device, but...
Others offer a different story. BuzzFeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro reported that when he was transportation secretary, Ray LaHood had both government and personal e-mail on one BlackBerry device. Emily Miller, a journalist who was an appointee in the State Department under President George W. Bush, indicated the same, tweeting that "we had both unclassified State email and personal email on the same Blackberry" when she was in the administration. (WaPo)
Hillary's penchant for secrecy and need to be above the law opened the door to foreign intelligence. There is no way that server was not hacked...
if the best of the best are after your information, you need the best of your best protecting it. And there is simply no way that a “homebrew” server is EVER going to have the security and resources appropriate to defend it adequately.

Even using a webmail system like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo would have been better because those companies have the expertise and capability to meet at least some of the threat this class of information would face. (Geekwire)
But she turned all the e-mails over...  "Trust me!"

Were you reassured when she flicked away all concerns with an imperious wave of her witch-like claw?  Don't worry!  Her staff has combed through her secret server and provided all relevant e-mail to the State Department.  Nothing to see here, move along!

Her problem is, the press is not moving along. John King at CNN Writes...
Secrecy. Shielding documents. Accusations of arrogance and hypocrisy. Debates about the letter and the spirit of the rules. A public defense -- but also jitters and disbelief -- from fellow Democrats. Legitimate criticism along with some eye-rolling conspiracy theories from Republicans.
Later in the article, he flashes back to 1996 when then First Lady Clinton engendered...
"...a climate of fear in which officials did not dare question Mrs. Clinton's wishes."
FYI, John King and CNN are not members of the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy.  If the GOOPers are smart, they will shut their pie-holes and stay out of this.  Hillary's black magic is too strong for such weaklings.  If Hillary goes down, it will be at the hands of Clinton-fatigued Democrats in the party and in the press who long for fresh blood.  

I don't know yet if she is toast, but I do think she is a lying, stinking sack from top to bottom. What do you think?

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