Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Abuse of Power

Look at that picture up there. What a ghoulish collection of odd-balls, delusional fools, self-important grandees and insane asylum escapees.  They're like characters out of an absurdist French comedy from the 1960's.  Obama plays the bomb-throwing radical with crazy eyes, while Hollande looks like the loony who escaped the mental hospital wearing only his boxers by scaling a second-story balcony railing and climbing down the trellis...

Can anyone who has ever taken a civics class see what is wrong with this picture?
Washington (AFP) - US House Republicans voted Tuesday to block President Barack Obama's regulations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions -- a move certain to spark his veto -- as negotiators work on a global climate deal in Paris.
The so-called disapproval resolutions, which already passed the Republican-controlled Senate, dealt a largely symbolic yet blunt rebuke to Obama, who attended the start of a major UN climate summit in the French capital.

The EPA rules incensed Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is from the coal-producing state of Kentucky, when the White House announced Obama's Clean Power Plan in August. (Yahoo News)
When the Chief Executive can unilaterally make laws and treaties and call them something else, and then put the burden on 2/3 of congress to stop him, our Democratic Republic is on its deathbed.

Liberal Democrats should contemplate a rightwingchristian president taking such actions and realize how destructive this is to our system of government.

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