Tuesday, December 8, 2015

If you Like the War on Drugs, You'll Love the War on Guns

The error in all gun grabber thinking is this: You can close every loophole, make more laws, more in-depth background checks...

...but it still won't stop someone who acquired them legally from going off the rails and shooting someone.

All those laws won't stop criminals, either... 

There is a thriving underground firearms market. If the government were serious about keeping guns from criminals, it would focus on illegal weapons trafficking and leave law-abiding citizens alone.

The only way to stop gun violence would be to confiscate and destroy every gun in the United States outside of law enforcement and military, but that is impossible.

Even if government could confiscate all our guns, consider this: 

Tons of cocaine and hundreds of thousands of people enter this country illegally every year. Ban guns, and they would be one more illegal product crossing our borders under the incompetent noses of our stupid, too obese to tie its own shoelaces federal government.

So, now what?

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