Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is Liberalism an Autoimmune Disorder?

To be fair, a strict and rigid Conservatism is obscurantism and leads to social rigor mortis, so this is not a gleeful, gratuitous attack on liberalism. In fact, I lament how much the term liberal has been abused over these past decades.

Is George Soros a Champion of Liberalism?
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused billionaire investor George Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of "activists" trying to undermine European nations by supporting refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond. (Bloomberg)
Why would liberals shrug off, and in many cases cheer what is going on in Europe?  Why would liberals, who rightly hold up Europe to be the world's liberal gold standard, cheer that continent's invasion of ultra-conservative, intolerant, bigoted, misogynist religious fanatics?

Why would liberals encourage the importation of people whose very conservative and doctrinaire beliefs threaten Western liberalism, our liberties, and the gains liberals in particular have made for minorities, religious libertines, pornographers, blasphemers, women and gays?

Has Old-Age Dementia set in on 60's Liberalism?

Events of the past few decades have me seriously questioning the sanity of many liberals.  I say this with trepidation and regret, because I do not wish that liberals lose their minds, and I would not rejoice in it.

Why would liberals support the illegal importation of slave labor?  Why would liberals stifle legitimate debate on immigration policy, and instead cheer on the government breaking and twisting its own laws to bring in illegal immigrants against the will of half the US citizens?

Why do liberals enjoy trolling and baiting conservatives over issues like immigration policy when the result is social turmoil where everybody hates everybody?  That's liberalism?

Spike Lee and others have denounced white gentrification of minority neighborhoods.  Why would white liberals cheer fellow white hipsters invading a black neighborhood, taking it over, and pricing the current residents out of the market?

Why do liberals cheer the destruction of our language, remodeling certain words, putting police tape around other ones as they construct American Newspeak? Does it disturb liberals that doctrinaire leftists have converted our American Universities into bastions of trigger warnings, controversy-free zones, step-by-step sex protocols, and severe speech codes? I thought liberals believed in more free speech, not less...

Why do liberals--who celebrate movies like Trumbo--cheer the firing, public dogpiling, social shitstorming and twitter fusillades against people who hold beliefs that don't conform to the progressive hive?  Why are they not upset at government bureaucrats using the power of the IRS to silence political enemies? Is there a contradiction there?  Is freedom of thought and independent thinking in danger?  From liberals?

Can Liberalism Save Itself?

I don't know.  Liberalism is being eaten by leftwing progressivism, and as the tribes accrete dogmas, construct sacred totems and add daily to their Canons of Blasphemies, they become increasingly illiberal.  Some would say reactionary, even.

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