Thursday, December 3, 2015

Static Arguments about a Dynamic Earth


Republican megadonor urges talk on climate change solutions
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican businessman Jay Faison says his party should stop fighting science and start talking solutions to climate change. He has $175 million in potential political donations to help inspire them. (Yahoo News)
When a mega-millionaire starts blathering about climate change, it means he's found a way to cash in on the green gravy train.

Mother Earth swings like a pendulum do...

There have been at least five ice ages, according to geological evidence studied by scientists.
Did you know that as our climate warms, we are actually returning to a more typical weather pattern for the Earth? That's right — we are living in an ice age, which means the temperatures and ice caps we think of as "normal" are actually extreme aberrations in the history of our planet.
The end of the current ice age will occur when the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melt. This will happen whether or not humans accelerate it. (IO9)
Five times Mother Earth has cooled and pulled hundred-foot thick sheets of ice over herself for a frigid slumber... and then she warmed. Every time. Without the aid of human beings, dinosaur farts, barbecue grills and the internal combustion engine.

Some Questions

What caused the cooling?

What caused the ice ages to end and the earth to return to a habitable temperature for mammals?

More importantly to us now, what prevented each of these warming trends from continuing upward and creating a hellish AlGorian nightmare, the earth in flames, everything under water... Water on fire!

If the earth were heading into another ice age, could we stop it?

More importantly, if we are at the end of an ice age, on an earth cycle like past ones that will end with massive ice sheets melting at the poles, could we stop it?

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