Monday, February 8, 2016

Campaign Cash for Christ

"I agree, Ted. Obama is the Antichrist.  Burn all hippies!"

I've always though of Ted Cruz as an unctuous weasel, and now I can add reptilian televangelist. Here was his closing plea in Iowa, repeated at multiple tent revivals political rallies...

"He said it!  Yes he did!"
"Just one minute a day. That you simply say father God please, continue this awakening. Continue the spirit of revival. Awaken the body of Christ, that we might pull back from the abyss," Cruz preached. (Townhall-Ted Cruz)

"Awaken the Body of Christ"

"Please send more money!"
What an incredibly arrogant, self-centered use of that term...

God was not made for Ted Cruz--Ted Cruz was made to serve God.

Who is Ted to say that we, the Body of Christ, are not already awakened?

Why should it only awaken now?  Because Ted believes he is the second coming and he needs our votes and our money?

Dare I say God the Father may have a few more pressing items on His agenda than getting another slithering sneak with close-set eyes elected president?  Like maybe, hungry children, Christian genocide, unending wars, abortion, and maybe even political slander and using His Name in vain (is there anything more vain than a political campaign?)

Only now, pray for our nation? 

Why?  Because finally we have a savior in Ted Cruz?

I've already been praying for our nation, Ted.  I've been praying every day for decades

"By their fruits you shall know them"

"God hates Democrats!"
Ted Cruz is a career lawyer politician with weasely eyes and he's married to a Golden Sacks Wall Street woman who is part of the problem

Ted Cruz represents the very worst in panderish, political Christianity, and the sweaty Christians in his congregation whipping themselves into a frenzy over Ted should be ashamed of themselves, go home and closet themselves for some one-on-one time with the Lord and some serious reflection. 

I would recommend the same for Ted, but he is too far gone. He is suffering from pride-filled self-aggrandizement and most likely a messiah complex as well. Nothing any human being can say will sway him. Hopefully he'll have a road to Damascus moment, because that is all that will save him from his blasphemous exploitation of conservative Christian sensibilities and his cynical press-ganging the Lord into his political campaign.

Fellow Christians, it's time to take back our faith from the exploitive clutches of the political Elmer Gantry's.  

Here's a simple rule:  If a politician blathers on about the Bible and God, or lapses into flamboyant Pharisaical theatrics, straining to show what a great Christian he is, Spit. Him. Out.  He's done.

If you have lived a good, Christian life, we will know it by your fruits. Ted Cruz and his traveling medicine show is a truckload of rotten bananas.  

"I cry thinking of Ted deprived of his God-given presidency.  Send money!"

There is a place on the American landscape for Televangelist Ted and his daddy Reverend Rafa.  A void has been left by Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, Oral Roberts, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart and the rest of the rogues gallery of disgraced televangelists.  Go forth and fill it, Ted and Rafa, but stop dragging Our Lord and Savior into your dung-filled political circus. 

"I am the Lord...  OOPS, I mean, pray to the Lord"

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