Sunday, February 14, 2016

RIP, Justice Antonin Scalia

The right is mourning the impending loss of the nation to the progressive hordes, and the left is hiding their glee behind a polite smirk and making frequent trips to the GOP-mandated trans-gender toilet to do a giddy-happy dance and high-five their confreres. Justice Scalia's death has sucked all the air out of the blogisphere, so I might as well give everyone a chance to sound off. Cut-and-paste comments you made at other blogs are welcome...

OK, besides an irreplaceable hole in the Scalia family, what does this man's death mean?

The end of Original Intent?

One more giant step for an imperial presidency?

The Supreme Court goes liberal Democrat?

Will Roberts tip over and become a liberal, like other GOP appointments?

How does Emperor Obama handle this?

I predict he goes the full Eff-Yoo and nominates a hard leftist, probably female minority with a controversial past, sits back and dares the GOOPers to defy him as the DC Establishment Infotainment-Media-Complex does his dirty work by shaming the GOP into collapsing, and collapse they will.

Does God Hate Us?

I have to ask the question. What the hell have we done for him lately?  We're the Crackhouse-Whorehouse of the world, we start useless wars that accomplish nothing other than destroying mud huts, decimating wedding parties and creating humanitarian crises worthy of a Cecil B. DeMille movie.  We are the porn, drug, divorce and abortion capital of the world, and Christians do their fair share to keep America #1 in all those categories.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Maybe God just hates conservatives...  Perhaps snarling, nasty-faced conservatism, with its unabashed support for the right of corporations to rape, pillage and plunder the globe stinketh in God's nostrils, as does shameless conservative abuse of Jesus's name for a few more votes...

Pray all you want, but God's probably off in Africa somewhere...

Utlimately, what does the death of this towering judicial intellect mean?

More Jiggery-Pokery...

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