Thursday, February 25, 2016

Resettle Refugees in Their Own Lands

Naturalized citizen Luma Simms writes about western foolishness and how to deal with the refugee crisis.  She starts with this premise:
Immigration hurts the émigré (whether they recognize it or not) just as it impacts local communities—those they left behind and those they enter into. Being an immigrant is a mixed bag, blessing and curses, comfort and affliction. But what can humanity do?
She exhorts her fellow Americans to be proud nationalists...
We can begin the road to healing—which encompasses a better understanding of immigration and immigrants—by changing how we view nationality. Nationality is a good. Iraqis want a country of their own where they can have their own language, traditions, and way of life. So do the Syrians I know. Americans should want the same for themselves.
America is a nation, too. It has a culture, and it had at one point a national identity. You should want to care for your own country, you should desire to know and uphold your identity. You should love your country, your traditions, your holidays, your shared common life. You should want to uphold your laws and protect your borders.
My fellow beloved Americans, my third suggestion to you on immigration and foreign policy is: Rebuild your national identity. If I, a stranger to your land, can love and cherish your heritage, ought you not be zealous for the land of your birth, warts and all? You sing “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” To what end?
Why Muslim Immigrants don't Assimilate well (it's partly our fault)
As American culture has become more decadent and sexually licentious, the threshold for assimilation has become steep. Immigrants from cultures like the Middle East that hold to (among other traditions) traditional sexual mores (whether Muslim or Christian) become clannish and isolate themselves from the surrounding American culture to protect themselves and their children. The culture eventually corrupts their children, and the family degenerates.
...they come because they don’t want to die in war. This type of refugee situation, which has been going on since the Iraqi diaspora after Saddam was toppled and recently flared up again with the Syrian refugee crisis, brings people who see America as better than death.
Hence, they will take whatever America wants to give but will keep themselves isolated. They have no interest in assimilating. Some Muslims have even taken to building their own homeschooling cooperatives rather than sending their children to American public schools. How much American history do you think they will learn, and with what bias?
She also explains that they also "carry with them a predisposition for government as caretaker."

There is nothing racist or bigoted in saying we need to stop importing them and instead take care of them over there.  We have the wherewithal to build safe, clean refugee camps and safe zones in their lands. We can build schools, clinics and fly in food, water and other necessities, and we can demand the rich gulf nations pony up their share.  

The on-going culture clash in the west is chipping away at our traditional societies and norms, and it is poorly serving the refugees who cannot or will not adapt and fit in.

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