Monday, February 22, 2016

Halal Apple

RAF Group Captain Lionel Mandrake is trying to avert World War III and nuclear holocaust, but he is in danger of running afoul of the Coca-Cola Corporation...

Will we see Tim Cook marched off to jail in handcuffs for failure to obey a court order? 

The answer to that question will say much about the rule of law and uber rich political donors in this country.
Silicon Valley has a bad case of megalomania, a neurological combo of arrogance, overconfidence, aggressiveness, self-importance and narcissism. This “God complex” is destined to destroy Silicon Valley, and it will take the rest of us with it. (Silicon Vally Can't Save the World)
Google (and every other "progressive" "American" corporations) avoids paying their fair share

APPLE:  Kick Uncle Sam in the Nuts, Bend over for China
According to an article by the US news website Quartz, Cook’s intransigence apparently depends on geography.
Citing reports by Chinese daily Beijing News and the state-run People's Daily, the article claimed that Cook agreed in January 2015 to allow authorities in China to carry out “security checks” on all iPhones sold in the country to make sure the US had not installed any spyware. But, Apple has never confirmed or responded to the allegations.
Apple also decided in February 2015 to store local users’ personal data in China. The move was a gesture of good will towards Beijing that other companies like Google, for example, have always rejected for “security reasons”. This is because it is easier for China to request access to personal information that is under its jurisdiction. (Apple Plays Digital Privacy Hardball.. but not with China)
This is all about the Apple brand and making money off of a false sense of privacy and security.

Apple contributes nothing to the United States of America. Hosting their stinking, air-sucking carcasses is a net loss to the citizens of the US. Amreeka is just a place where owners and management lounge about because there is no better place to live.  Unlike a cookware or toothbrush factory, if Apple fell into a giant hole in the earth tomorrow, we would be no worse off.

Apple - Proud Sponsor of Islamic Terrorists Worldwide

Apple-Proud Sponsor of Jihadi Terror!

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