Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More John Smeaton, Less Lady Talking

Much has been made of the woman who talked to the Islamic peace ambassador who ran down a British soldier with an automobile and then butchered him in the street. We have also read stories about other women who covered his body as he lay dead.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett is a brave woman. She wasn't caught in the middle of it, she was riding by in a bus, and jumped off when she saw someone needed help. For that alone we should honor her. But the larger tableau was a sad scene of Western decline.

People stood and watched. Where were the men? In the video, you can see the subservient Muslim woman pass by the scene as thought nothing is going on, properly averting her eyes downward as her Muslim man stands shouting and holding his bloody instruments.

"I kicked him so hard in the balls that I tore a tendon!" *

The incident reminded me of the 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, where two Muslim scumbags, apparently offended by the British Isles' hospitality, rammed a vehicle filled with propane tanks into the front of the airport terminal in Glasgow. (One of the terrorists was a British-born doctor of Iraqi descent. There's a lesson or two there...)

So Bilal and Kafeel crashed through the front of the terminal, people are injured, they cause three explosions, and the terrorists have exited the vehicle, injured.

Baggage handler John Smeaton demonstrated how a man responds:

He ran to the scene of destruction thinking "...I'm not letting these guys get away with this." So he partially kicked an already burning man to death. Before shouting "WELCOME TAE GLESGAE!" **

Smeaton then ...aimed a kick in the testicles at Kafeel Ahmed, who later died from his 90% burns following the attack.[2][6]
During the incident Smeaton also helped drag Michael Kerr to safety after Kerr, another person to intervene in the event, had been left lying with a broken leg beside the burning jeep after kicking Mr Ahmed himself.[4]
Smeaton's message to terrorists?
"Glasgow doesn't accept this. This is Glasgow; we'll set aboot ye."***
* - Probably attributed to Alex McIlveen, another civilian who attacked the jihadis
** For those of you who've never had Scottish friends, Glesgea = Glasgow
*** Set aboot ye = Set about you. Set upon you, attack you. Kick your ass.

This is why I never write about Scotland. Too many footnotes!

In other totally and completely unrelated news ...

Police Fear Losing Control of Stockholm

I got news for them. They lost control a long time ago. Invite in people whose culture is vastly different than yours, and who have a track record of not assimilating, and this is the result. But the government is taking firm measure by issuing strong statements such as this one:
'It is important to remember, burning your neighbour's car is not an example of freedom of expression, it is hooliganism,' Fredrik Reinfeldt said yesterday.
That'll get 'em back in line!

I'll give you the UN-approved, politically correct propaganda on Sweden, to save you from reading it yourself:

It is the fault of the Swedes for not being more accommodating and culturally sensitive. The Euro-wussies are already blaming it on "inequality" and, of course, austerity.

Anyone attempting to make a cultural argument is shouted down as a dangerous racist, Any questions?

So what is the Swedish government doing about it?
Local media have reported that police officers have used racist slurs, like “monkey” and “pig” while policing the unrest. Swedish police say they are investigating the matter. “If anybody would be insulted or be called racist words they should make a formal report,” said a police spokesman.
See also: Mark Steyn - To the Slaughter

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