Monday, May 20, 2013

Smoke and Mirrors

Things are not always what they appear to be...

President Obama took decisive action when he announced that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had demanded the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller amid the growing scandal over targeting conservative groups...

Or Did He?

Steven Miller had been acting commissioner since only this past November and was due to leave in three weeks anyway.

Sarah Hall Ingram who led the tax-exempt division from 2009-2012 now leads the IRS' Affordable Care Act office.

Joseph Grant, who took over from Ms. Ingram two days before the scandal broke is also leaving... retiring in June.   Joseph Grant was the deputy in the tax-exempt office since 2007.

So why so far has Ms. Ingram gotten off scot-free ?


 Because the hope is you're not keeping your eye on the ball amid all the patter.


Curiously, although many think the term Scot-Free orginated with the Dred Scott decision it actually is closer to the story line here.  'Scot' in Old English meant royal tax and the term was originally "scotfreo" or free from royal tax.

So, on behalf of the administration, an important question

Is it a duck? Or a rabbit? 


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