Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anonymity Chic

Your Search - - Did Not Match Any Documents

Stuart Jeffries has an interesting article over at The Guardian about internet anonymity being the new chic!

Who among us hasn't Googled themselves? 

Is it possible to be "Ungoogleable"? "Googleproof"?

It may not be the best marketing plan... 

but go ahead and try to find the band "!!!" online

Is it even desirable to be unsearchable online?

No tweeting, no Facebook, no digital persona.  

I have a Facebook account and very little interest in it, I find the vast majority of posts inane, people I have little interest in talking to want to chat,  and no,  I don't care what your dinner looked like either.

I never have and probably never shall "Tweet"

Outside of business,  I'm the guy who doesn't want to be called on his cell phone unless somebody died or my house is on fire, and if it's business, it damn well better be important enough to bother me about!  Quite often it's turned off.  Honestly,  I love it for checking work email but I really never want to hear it ring.  It's a convenience,  like a payphone I don't have to stop the car for, except it's better.... I can listen to music on it! But only when I want to, I often drive with the radio off.  When my wife leaves the house the first thing I do is turn off any multimedia that is currently on,  and there is always something on.

The NSA must find me an enigma and I'm sure there is a big fat file somewhere full of numbers I never call and never receive calls from.  A vast repository of all my unused minutes documented in minute detail, of unopened and unanswered emails and texts from a multitude of sources all wrapped up in a big black folder with a red question mark on it, and of course a thick sheaf of Western Hero posts ;)



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