Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paranoid Musings

I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories, and I've never been given to paranoia. But if I were, here are some thoughts I'd be thinking.

Remember the Maine
We had better knock off the criticism of the National Security Industrial Complex.  If it becomes endangered by overwhelming populist anger, it will have no choice but to scare us back in line with another 9/11, or worse, a fabricated pretext to another war, this time in Syria or Iran.

An Inside Job
What if President Obama is in cahoots with the Wikileaks-Anonymous-OWS-George Soros-One World Cabal?  What if he wants, indeed caused, this big PRISM leak to happen in order to outrage us so we demand government dismantle our intelligence apparatus and hobble our national security?

Google is Spying on You
If you think MICROSOFTYAHOOGOOGLEYOUTUBEFACEBOOKSKYPEAPPLE... are innocent in all of this, you should just stop reading now and plug back into the pop culture 24/7 soma machine.  I heartily encourage everyone to feed as much false information to these government-extensions as legally possible.

Part of the Plan
Scandals like selling weapons to Mexican drug lords and using the IRS to punish Obama's enemies almost seem like part of an intentional campaign to inoculate us against further scandal, inure us to government malfeasance, and disgust us into turning our heads and washing our hands of the whole thing, thus leaving the batwinged government gargoyles and flying federal monkeys free to get on with their dirty business, unencumbered by organizations of concerned citizens.

Part of the Plan, Pt 2

Cloud computing is a trap, and it makes it easy for the government-corporate monster to spy on you.

... And this comes from someone who wants our nation to have strong and stealthy spy agencies that get so far up an enemy's ass that they can count the polyps on his colon. 

...  And save us such banalities as "Bush did it too!" or "The Republiscums are just as bad!"  We know that already.

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