Monday, June 24, 2013

The Senate Gangsters

I don't know why I'm wasting ink on the Immigration Kabuki, but here goes...

Immigration reform is Dead once it reaches the House of Representatives, and it deserves to die. As usual, the sturm und drang generates heat and light, but does nothing to advance the debate. We do need enhanced border security, but it must be part of a larger, comprehensive effort. I also believe it behooves us to deal humanely with the illegal immigrants who are here.

What the Senate is doing solves nothing. If passed, Senator Schumer and Las Racistas will immediately go to work challenging the "draconican" provisions of the bill as racist and unfair, resulting in citizenship for the 12,000,000 undocumented Democrat voters in time for the 2014 midterm election.

As Micky Kaus points out, "Border Security" is nothing but a fig leaf:
Of course all these discussions are Kabuki on the head of a pin on stilts, because the Gang of 8 bill immediately gives illegals formal, renewable legal status. Once that happens, Democrats can freely begin lobbying to undermine whatever long-term border security measures the bill “requires” (as happened after the 1986 reform, and the 2006 “Secure Fence Act”).
Here is what we need:

1) Stop raiding meat packing plants and rounding up mothers and fathers who are here illegally. Despite all the other problems, it is bad optics. The Obama administration, to it's credit, has largely stopped such raids.

2) Greatly increase government audits of business payrolls. The Obama administration, again to its credit, has done this, but this needs to be the #1 enforcement measure. If we find illegal workers on the payroll, fine the crap out of the business and close down repeat offenders.

3) Implement a worker e-verify system. I had to present a passport when I reported for my first civilian job. Naysayers talk about how there are problems with the system, false negatives, bla bla bla. Well, fix them! Think of how few errors happen in our electronic banking and credit card system. Maybe the gubmint could outsource it to Visa or Mastercard.

4) Require a citizenship/legal residency test for all government services and assistance programs. I do not believe people come here just for our social services, but restricting such services to those here legally would remove another incentive to stay.

5) Offer visas, not citizenship. Less that half of the people offered citizenship in the Reagan amnesty availed themselves of it. Most were content to merely have the right to own property, work and travel freely. Today's cohort is no different.

Illegal immigration is a human rights violation and it is a stain upon our nation. We need to bring these people out of the shadows and treat them with dignity, regardless of how they got here. We can do that without creating 12 to 20 million new Democrat party voters.

And regardless of what the flavor of the day politician says, these immigrants are not "natural conservatives," or a "natural GOP constituency." Any talk otherwise is political bs. Many are poor, marginalized and they need help. The GOP is incapable of providing it, so of course they will flock to the Democrats, who have no problem being generous with other peoples' money.

This senate bill being shoved down our throats by the 8 Gansters in the Senate cheapens American citizenship and does nothing to squelch the siren song that attracts cheap labor to the craven un-capitalistic, un-free market businesses who abuse these immigrants.

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