Saturday, June 22, 2013



From their debut album Black Sabbath in 1970, the band has been credited as one of the ground-breaking and most influential Heavy Metal bands of all time.  Their first single release is one of the classics of the genre.

Ranked as the #1 Heavy Metal song of all time (by VH1) the song Iron Man originally receive little radio airplay but went on to become a metal cult classic.

After forty three years at it, on and off, they have finally achieved number on on both the US and UK charts with their new 'reunion' album "13"The album, released on 10 June, hit #1 on the charts in both countries in its first week.  13 became the bands first #1 album in the United States,  and the first in the UK in 43 years.  The single from the album, "God is Dead" was released earlier on April 18th of this year.


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