Monday, March 31, 2014

Doctor of Pornography?

Porn Studies

Why porn studies? Why now? As the editors of Porn Studies explain, in typical academese: The field “has taken on a new urgency and significance given the continued position of pornography at the centre of controversies around media, gender, sexuality and technology. Pornographies, their spread, their imageries, their imaginaries and their consumption always have a high profile, but in the past decade or so, interest in pornography has grown exponentially – with a concomitant increase in claims about porn’s effects, both positive and negative.” The Globe and Mail

With a Minor in Positionality

Think I'm kidding? Here's the place to start building your academic library.  Might I suggest you start with "Hard to Swallow: hardcore pornography on screen", and no, I didn't make that title up.

Pornography remains undertheorized. In the public sphere, there are very few serious ideas about what porn is or how it works or what it means to us, beside from the obvious.   The Atlantic

I have to agree with Margaret Wente

Personally, I think civilization as we know it will probably survive unreadable academic discourses on anal sex and torture porn. I’m aware that this self-indulgent garbage makes up just a teeny-tiny part of the worthy and important enterprise known as higher education. What bothers me is the utter collapse of seriousness and rigour, and the utter inability of top administrators and granting agencies to put a halt to what is essentially a con job on the public. The Globe and Mail

It certainly gives a new look on the ivory towers of academia


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