Friday, March 21, 2014

The Personification of Ineptitude

Photo Courtesy of Deputy Russian Prime Minister

In an interview with NBC station KNSD San Diego, President Barack Obama ruled out a "military excursion" by the United States in Ukraine, saying that engaging Russia militarily "would not be appropriate." In a separate interview with KSDK in St Louis, Obama reiterated that a military option is not on the table.

I'd Love to play Poker with this guy...

Uh... I only have two fours, can I have three cards?  Now before you liberals get your panties all twisted and knotted up, I'm not advocating military action in the Ukraine.  We are not going to go to war over Crimea, I know it, you know it, Putin knows it, but our President doesn't need to do six television news interviews to confirm it.  It's like putting your house up for sale for $300,000 and taking out an ad saying "House for Sale, $300,000... won't take less than $250,000".  In negotiations, you don't inform the other side of what you're willing or not willing to do.  Here's a brief simple lesson for our President:

Congratulations Mr. President

You just told Putin all you're holding is a pair of twos. 

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