Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Reasonable Response


Welcome to Königsberg

Now known as Kaliningrad, the Kaliningrad Oblast is an exclave of Russia completely surrounded by the EU states of Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea. See the little red spot on the far left of the first map, that's Kaliningrad.  The formerly Prussian and German city of Königsberg was a gift to Stalin at the end of WWII.  It is home to the HQ of the Russian Baltic Fleet, in Kaliningrad and Baltiysk (Formerly the German City of Pillau), is the only Russian Navy port on the Baltic that is ice-free year round.

Are your Economic Sanctions Being Laughed At?

Close the land borders between Lithuania, Poland, and Kaliningrad.  No rail, no road, no gas pipelines, no electricity... nothing crosses those borders.  Let the Russian government feel the pain of resupplying their Baltic fleet entirely by sea or air. It doesn't require military force, it doesn't directly impact the Russian people themselves, and it can be accomplished in its entirety by two EU and NATO members.

Just A Thought

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