Sunday, August 7, 2016


Photo: Gary Johnson

The Bern has long since smoldered and gone out, Hillary is a seething oozing mass of corruption and incompetency, and Trump is well... Trump is Trump. So, who is Gary Johnson?

Johnson's mother worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and his father was a public school teacher.  He went to Sandia High in Albuquerque and to the University of New Mexico.  In college he worked as a door-to-door handyman building his business into one of the leading multi-million dollar construction companies in New Mexico after graduation.

He was elected governor as a Republican by a ten percent margin in a state that is 66% Democrat on a fiscally conservative low-tax platform.  Using a cost-benefit approach he vetoed 200 of 424 bills in his first six months of office.  Meeting one of his campaign promises he reduced the spending growth of the NM General Fund from 10% to 4.67%. But while cutting spending elsewhere he increased spending on education by a third and when that did nothing to improve test scores and the drop-out rate he switched tactics and his support to the school voucher program.

In his reelection for his second term he defeated the Hispanic candidate fielded by the Democrats in their attempt to out him.  In a state that is 66% Democrat and 40% Hispanic, he won reelection 55-45. After increased education spending failed to produce results his support of the School Voucher program became one of the hallmarks of his second term. With more than half of what states spend on police, courts, and prisons being devoured by the "War on Drugs", Johnson advocated decriminalization becoming the most senior elected official to do so.

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Whether you vote for Johnson or not, if you just listen to the opposition talking points about him and don't research who Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are, their positions, and what they've accomplished you are doing yourself and your country a disservice.

Government today is the direct result of 
choosing the lesser of two evils for generations


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