Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

A naive little Denver University freshman dimwit took the bold and original step of calling me a racist in a post over at Sue's Place. To the credit of Sue and her regulars, they just ignored it and pressed on.

Here is how I handled it:
Oh No! You've called me a racist! Great Godwin's Law! How original. Racist is the new fascist among lobotomized lefties left stuttering when confronted with their own illogic.

As my blogger buddies know, I was never a "birther," but I didn't poo poo those who were.  The problem I have is with those on the fringe who dream of an Obama Exposed!  Frog marched out of the White House to his and the Democratic party's great shame, and every piece of legislation he signed instantly repealed.  Ain't.  Gonna.  Happen.

Finding an inconsistency with birth documents or some other funny business would not bring an immediate end to his presidency, nor would it lead to the immediate repeal of any laws.  I think this is a low-percentage approach.  Sure, let the investigators dig, but this is not a political strategy.

A Few Thought Now That The Birth Certificate Has Been Released

* Donald Trump is full of crap.  Remember a few days ago when he told us the birth certificate was missing, and according to his investigators on the ground it didn't look good for Obama?  All of you naive Trump chumps were played by The Donald, who was a registered democrat in New York during the tenure of Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki.

* Lt Col Terry Lakin sits in Leavenworth for refusing a deployment order because he challenged President Obama's status as commander in chief based upon the absence of a birth certificate.  This president, who dispatches his wife to pretend they care about military families, allowed this good soldier and doctor to be court martialed when he could have simply done what he did this past Wednesday.  Obama is a petty man wielding way too much power.

* This will not satisfy the "Birthers."  No evidence can appease people who believe in conspiracies.

Anyway, I listen to Peter Boyles on KHOW on my morning drive to work, and he really pounds the Obama birth thing.  It's too much for my taste, but he posted this on his website before the birth certificate was unveiled, and I think it's hilarious, made more so by the text to voice technique and the stock phrase talking points and buzz words.


Anonymous said...

Well, Lt. Col. whoever violated a lawful order. It's not for the military man to decide whether or not the Commander-in-Chief is legitimate. Obama was elected the president, and until proven ineligible he's the Commander-in-Chief.

He took a gamble and lost, as now it is apparent that there's no more mystery to it. Therefore, this guy deserves to be Court Martialed.

For the record, I was never a birther, not even a little bit. It's sad that Obama had to answer to these fringe wackoes, but he did the right thing I think. I feel your pain about the racism thing Silver. A lot of people called me a racist for voting for McCain in 2008.

Ignorant morons.

Lisa said...

best line "I don't judge Obama by the color of his skin but you defend him by the color of his skin"


Can you imagine if Karl Rove said "We are not going to release Bush's college records?"

Just saying.

Silverfiddle said...

Jack: I mention Lt Col Lakin not to defend what he did, but to point out that Obama gladly let him fry when he could have produced the birth certificate.

Obama will do it for political gain at the behest of a Hollywood bloward, but he won't do it to keep a misguided soldier from going to Leavenworth. That says a lot about this hollow man.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, our country has no shortage of idiots. The birther thing isn’t over among those still in shock that the American people can elect anyone so unqualified to be president as Barack Obama. Colonel Lakin’s is a sad story; for a man with a medical degree, he didn’t exercise much in the way of good judgment or common sense. We expect more from our commissioned officers.

I agree even if Gabriel came down with a personal note from God telling everyone that Obama is a complete fraud, there is nothing that could be done to correct the profound injustice rendered to our institutions by George Soros and the communist left. If you think we’ve seen the worst of it, think again.

So we should ask, in the wake of Obama’s birth certificate identifying a hospital that didn’t exist in 1961, who in their right mind could suggest Trump as the right man for anything above dog catcher?

Anonymous said...

Can we now just vote this inept boob out of office? Identifying someone as an inept boob isn't being a racist, is it?

Joe said...

The real racists in this country are the leaders of: the NAACP, the Rainbow Coalition and liberal/progressives in general.

Sam Huntington said...

If you are conservative, and you say "Good morning Mr. President," then you are a fillthy racist.

Don't worry though; you are in good company. According to progressives, Herman Cain is also a racist. I'm glad I could help clear that up.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see your point Silver. Being a former military man myself, though, it's not for us to question the legitimacy of our superiors. We have to remember the practicality of the situation. This guy willfully disobeyed his deployment orders because of his protest. How practical would it have been for the leader of the free-world, who KNOWS he is legitimate, to waste his time proving one idiot wrong?

I don't think he's doing a good job, but the President has more to worry about than a commissioned officer who clearly overstepped his bounds and shirked his duty. Deployment orders don't come directly from the President's office. There's about 30 intermediaries between the president and the individual in the military.

That means that even if the president was illegitimate, as long as his superior officer ordered him on deployment, he has to go or face the penalty. The UCMJ says that you not only obey the orders of your commander-in-chief, but also the "lawful orders of the officers appointed over you." So seeing as how everyone that is ordered to deploy is ordered by their commanding officer to do so, he had no choice but to follow that order.

Someone might bring up the "unlawful order," idea, as it is right to disobey an unlawful order, this guy is still screwed. You can still be court-martialed for disobeying an unlawful order, but the court-martial must decide whether the order was lawful or not. If the order is deemed unlawful, you're off the hook. If the order is deemed lawful, well then as we used to say "stand by."

In this guy's case, the order was lawful. The moment he said "I'm not going," he disobeyed the order, so even if Obama had shown him his birth certificate, he would have been screwed anyway.

I have zero tollerance for people who inject their politics into a military career.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Jack, as I said, my point was not to defend Lt Col Lakin.

I'm a vet who did deploy to war zones, so I understand all that.

Hopefully we can now focus on Obama's horrible, job killing, liberty-stomping big government policies that are killing this country

Anonymous said...


OD357 said...

I agree with Jack. Part of my military career was suffering through the Clinton administration. I didn't vote for him or care for him. But I was obeying the orders of the MSgt, Capt or Colonel directly over me. Obama didn't court martial Lt Col Lakin, his direct superiors did. Politicians come and go.

Anonymous said...

My real question is: Where is Jersey, the grand arbiter of all things true?

Anonymous said...

>Where is Jersey, the grand arbiter of all things true?

See Silverfiddle's "Instant Karma" post from yesterday. There's a link to the story about Jersey.

Silverfiddle said...

Jack made me laugh, but Bastiatarian made me fall off my chair laughing!

Thanks for the laugh of the week!

Always On Watch said...

Love that video!

I posted it -- with attribution to you, Silverfiddle.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Birtherism is a religion. And like any faith their are schisms and sects. That you were Birther agnostic isn't a credit as such, in the same way as if someone said I don't know if VP Cheney had a hand in 9/11.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans are being replaced by Global Warmists, Progressive State Worshipers, and the liberal PC taliban.

Good observations, Gene!

American Jihad said...

Now we are finally starting to get some actual facts. So what really made Obama release birth certificate?
Was it a coincidence that it was done right before the story of his Father being kicked out of Harvard and out of the United States? Maybe he was afraid that Trump was going to jump the gun and tell the story first?

Silverfiddle said...

Freedom Fighter: Good question. As all things in politics, he did it for some reason.

I always thought he was holding it back as kook bait, a useful tool for keeping his opposition stirred up.

Those of us who thought this figured he would save it for a strategic moment in his reelection campaign.

Did Trump force his hand? Did he do it to short-circuit Corsi's book coming out?

Anonymous said...

What would John Wayne say?

When someone's beliefs are UN-American it doesn't really matter where they're born, especially when they use the Law and Constitution for their own self-consuming interest/power/greed - corruption breeds contempt and division. Nimrod mentality and Collective Enslavement.

There's more 'REAL evidence' to disprove the authenticity of this fake Certif. of Birth ... but people don't want to hear it or even look into it objectively:

"PDF is taken into the image editing program Adobe Illustrator ... glaring inconsistencies..."

22 Deceptions: Factual and Typesetting

["But, I don't 'feel' that's true regardless of the evidence .. it doesn't make me feel good. You're mean for telling me that!"]

Just like Dan Rather's 'fake paperwork' against Bush (you'd think with all their brilliance they'd get forgery perfected).

"Let's 'hope' and 'imagine' it's true and we can make it true. Oh this makes us 'feel' so goodie inside!"

A Lie is a lie is a lie ... what's so hard about that!

How is your life "better" with this ruling head than before? Are you loved ones better off? EVIDENCE?

The question: Why 'don't' people want to hear the truth, and "choose" rather to believe and live the lie? Even if it means extinction?

It's like there's a veil over the eyes blinding them of the obvious. Drugged into submission. Pied Piper following.
What's the John Wayne REALITY?
No 'fairy tales' there.
"Oh, but we've 'evolved' we're better than him ..." Ya shore.
{Will the real 'men' and 'women' with 'TRUE GRIT' please stand up! Utopian airheads/make-belivers please sit down.}

If the fruit stinks, it's probably rotten.

"Watch the birdie" ... as we fleece you.

Thanks for SANITY! :)