Thursday, September 26, 2013

All of Our Politicians Suck!


One definition of politics is the art or science of the practice or theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level.  Another is the art or science winning and holding control over a government.  It would seem today, on both sides of the aisle that we have far to much of the latter and way to little of the former.

The greatest politicians in history have been great orators or great deal makers.  The orators would cajole, convince, and persuade others to their point of view.  The deal makers would trade and compromise to achieve their goals.

Our Politicians Suck

Would any of you characterize any of our politicians as great politicians?  Obama, Reid, Boehner, Cruz, they all suck.  They may be great representatives of their party platform and position, but when it comes to convincing others of the value of that position, they are completely and utterly inept.

40% of Americans hate Obamacare, 40% love it, and three and a half years later 20% are still undecided.

National Journal

Our politicians haven't sold us one way or another since passage, the people who liked it still like it, the people who hated it still hate it, and everybody else is hopelessly confused.  People on both sides of the argument think the opposition is showing us the good side of their car, while not letting us look at the other.  Neither side has done an acceptable job of selling their position.

There is no trust, in some the hatred of one side for the other is palpable, in my own experience the only thing that Democrats and Republicans I know can agree on is this:

All of Our Politicians Suck


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