Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Sunday, and that means Football

and Controversy

As this season winds back up so does the controversy over the name of the Washington Redskins, although some have opined that "Washington" was the more offensive part and the team should simply be known as the Redskins, another suggested they celebrate the heritage of football by changing the name to the Pigskins, but the Muslims objected. 

As an Irishman and a Celt, I know how they feel

 I could go on, but you undoubtedly get the point

There are probably as many Irish, Scot, Pict, Gael mascots as Indian.  We are not mascots, the use of our cultural and racial heritage in the promotion of sports is offensive, demeaning, and...


It's a sports team.  Do you think Paddy didn't start out as a derogatory term?
The way to demean the power of a slur is to embrace it, Lord Edward Fitzgerald (fighting the Anglo-Saxons also, I might add) in 1798 declared himself "A Paddy and no more" and said "he desired no other title than this".  Take this from a man whose people were oppressed by the English for more than 300 years before they even knew you existed.



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