Monday, September 9, 2013

Dazed and Confused

Dedicated to the Obama Administration:



The White House

Appearing on Meet the Press,  White House Chief of Staff David McDonough said:

"nobody is rebutting the intelligence; nobody doubts the intelligence” that is the basis for President Barack Obama pinning the blame for an August 21 chemical weapons attack in Syria on President Bashar Assad's regime"
NBC News

From Germany

"President Bashar al-Assad did not personally order last month's chemical weapons attack near Damascus that has triggered calls for US military intervention, and blocked numerous requests from his military commanders to use chemical weapons against regime opponents in recent months, a German newspaper has reported , citing unidentified, high-level national security sources.  The intelligence findings were based on phone calls intercepted by a German surveillance ship operated by the BND, the German intelligence service, and deployed off the Syrian coast"
The Guardian

You got Islam in my Secular Revolution!

You got Secularism in my Religious Uprising!  


John Kerry:

"I just don't agree that a majority are al-Qaeda and the bad guys," Kerry said in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "That's not true."

There are two major Al-Qaeda factions fighting in Syria. One is Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Last month, the U.S. State Department announced Baghdadi had moved his base of operations into Syria.  The other major Al-Qaeda faction in Syria is the Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra.  The Al-Nusra Front now openly declares loyalty to Al-Qaeda's Egyptian leader, Ayman Zawahri, who is thought to be hiding in Pakistan.          Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe is a US Government funded broadcast service

Other Groups operating as part of the Syrian opposition are:

Ahrar ash-Sham
The Al-Haqq Brigade
Al-Fajr Islamic Movement
Ansar Al-Sham
Jaysh Al-Tawhid
The Abd al-Muttalib Brigade
Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya

These are all members of the Syrian Islamic Front with the stated goal of "toppling the Assad government and establishing an Islamic state, governed by religious Muslim law, for the benefit of all Syrians"  MEMRI

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