Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here we go again

2010 DFW Mugshot

Could gun control have prevented the Navy Yard shootings?

Armed with a shotgun, Aaron Alexis apparently armed up as he went:

Authorities said they believe that Alexis picked up two other weapons — a handgun and an AR-15-style assault weapon — during the shooting spree, taking the sidearm from a police officer he shot and another from a gunsafe or other secure location.

NBC News

Better law enforcement certainly could have

2004: Shot out the tires on a construction workers car in front of his house.  Between the cops and DA, the paperwork was apparently lost and charges were never filed.

2008:  Arrested for disorderly conduct in August 2008 in DeKalb County, Georgia. He was released from custody after posting $364 bond.

2010: Reckless discharge of a firearm (through his ceiling, the floor above, and the ceiling above).  Charges fired but dropped.

2011: General Discharge from the Navy for "a series of incidents of misconduct"

Treated multiple times for psychological issues — including sleep deprivation, anger and paranoia — sources told NBC News. Most recently, sources said, he had been treated at an unspecified Veterans Affairs hospital in New England.


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