Monday, September 23, 2013

Fools on the Hill

Teufelei Rant
I just finished reading an exceedingly stupid piece by failed politician Sarah Palin, and the peanut gallery comments in the thread were even worse, so I am agitated.

I will piss off my confreres on the right and give cheer to the left by saying the GOP doesn't know its ass from a blowtorch. 

Taking away foodstamps?

Really? In this shitty economy? That's their big game? What about corporate welfare?

Obama did not steer the car out of the ditch. He drove it in deeper, but he and his apologists still get away with Blaming Bush.  Only a party of fumble-fingered bumblers would allow such an appalling failure to get away with that and get reelected. 

Shutting Down Government?

And the GOOP's obsession with shutting down government plays into the whole bombthrower meme, especially in conjunction with refusing to raise the debt ceiling, risking a financial collapse.  What is their end game in this 'brave' (and stupid) showdown over Obamacare?  Can someone explain the path to victory on this one?  Because I sure as hell don't see it.

Yes, we need to repeal Obamacare, and we need to put the bloated, bureaucratic federal government on a severe diet, but you can't get there from here. You can't.  Politics is about power, and the GOOP doesn't have it right now, and if the Democrat Socialists' red propaganda campaign continues to be so successful, the GOOP may never wield power again.  They've got to convince the American people that they are serious and that they have real nuts and bolts ideas.  So far, all they have is nuts--and Sarah Palin types playing to the peanut gallery. 

The Problem with the GOOP

The first problem is that the GOOPers are just as addicted to federal largess funded by taxpayers and China as Obama's Democrat Socialist party is.

The second problem is that the Senate will never vote to defund Obamacare.  Even if we get sucked through a wormhole and into an alternate universe and they somehow do vote it down, the president would never sign it into law.

The Democrat Socialists have thousands of trained monkeys in the press pounding on thousands of typewriters repeating the meme over and over that the Democrat Socialists are the responsible adults, and the GOOPers are petulant children playing with matches, and everything the GOOPers do reinforces that red propaganda.

If the GOOPers Shut Down Government, They Lose

Not only will the GOOP's confederacy of plonkish fools and tin-eared dunces lose (they will), they've already lost, because they don't understand politics and the use of propaganda. They should do themselves and everyone else a favor and just get the hell off the stage. They've made the worst president in history, who is a feckless nincompoop, look like the adult in the room.

Today's GOP has the morals of Bill Clinton, the effectiveness of Jimmy Carter and all the charm of Richard Nixon.  What the hell are they doing?  They could learn from the Democrats.  Democrat politicians are a nasty, sleazy lot, but they know how to dress themselves up, smile, and bribe and schmooze the gullible public.

The GOOP lost in 2008, they lost in 2012, and they are losing now.  The government shutdown story and the fiscal cliff story are already written.  Obama and the Democrat Socialists are the heroes, and the GOOP are the grandma-killing, child-starving villains.

Boehner and the rest of the fools on the hill should just climb into their clown car and go away.

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