Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Decent Joint 25c

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I Never Thought I'd See the Day

The title of the post is what I saw on a large store sign outside a marijuana dispensary on US Highway 24.  Today it read "Bubble Hash Oil".  They used to sell chocolates there.  I pass two on the way to work each morning, the one with the sign is called the Eagle's Nest Wellness Center, the other just inside the city limits is called Total Health Care THC.  Never said pot heads didn't have a sense of humor.  For those who don't know, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Mixed Reactions

So far, the biggest public complaints I have heard have come from adjacent businesses complaining about the pervasive odor of marijuana.  The greatest resistance so far has come not from the public but from our elected representatives.  The county that I live in has banned retail recreational marijuana despite county voter approval of Colorado Amendment 64 as well as 88% of the comments at the public hearing being in favor of allowing them.

The majority of city, town, and county governments seem to be taking a wait and see approach with moratoriums, although Denver approved recreational sales, while Colorado Springs has banned it.   While this affects the ability of retail outlets to conduct business, it does not affect the new Colorado law legalizing possession or use.  Over all, 35 communities in the state have elected to ban retail sales in what is turning out to be a patchwork quilt, for example, El Paso County has banned recreational sales while adjacent Pueblo County has approved them.  Reminds me of dry and wet counties in regards to alcohol sales.

More to Come

On this Novembers ballot voters will decide whether or not to impose a 25% combined excise/sales tax on recreational sales.  If medical sales are any indication this could be big business and big revenue for the state.  El Paso County had roughly 35M in medical sales alone while Denver approached 90M.  

Little Impact

So far, other than the news stories and the odd recreational or medical dispensary here and there, there seems to be little impact to the general public. The government promised debauchery has yet to appear:

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