Monday, October 21, 2013

Democrats are as Crazy and Extremist as Republicans

The latest District of Criminals brouhaha is over and the shameless borrowing of money continues. The GOP handed President Obama a rare victory, and he crushed them, but leftwing liberals continue their gestalt screaming and drum-circle beating about how crazy and extreme those Republican extremists and racist crazy right wing tea baggers are.

America’s leftwingers are an ungracious lot. At every victory, instead of celebrating, being of good cheer, and extending a hand to the vanquished, their anger gets angrier and their hate gets hatier.

The Real Agenda:  Keep the Monster Moving

The Democrat Party-Mainstream Media-US Government propaganda push to paint the GOP and conservatives (not the same thing) as crazy extremists is in fact a well-orchestrated smoke screen to mask the Democrats’ own madness on the left edge, and to preserve our bloated, progressive government.

Alex Castellanos has written a piece at CNN on just how crazy and extremist the Democrat party has become:
Bill Clinton's New Democrats are dead. This is not Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party. Today's Democratic Party belongs to Elizabeth Warren. It is the party that just nominated a Sandinista trainee who returned from Nicaraguawith "a vision of unfettered leftist government" for mayor of New York City, according to the New York Times.
And today's Democrats think this is a good thing.
This is the new new left: Aging former-rebels now protecting the creaking ancien regime. Talk about mixed up...
“While our world transforms itself through revolutions in energy, technology and communication, the ideologists of the left stagnate. Barack Obama's Democratic Party is intellectually exhausted. Their old Democratic Party has nothing up its sleeves but more of the same.”
Castellanos asks, Which party is more extreme?
A Republican Party divided between 180 mainstream House members and 40 Ted Cruz mini-me's? Or a Democratic Party united to preserve our fossilized, ineffective public sector?
A Republican Party advocating a path to fresh, natural, economic growth? Or a Democratic Party offering young voters the outdated economics of conformity, artificially imposed by Washington's elites? 
A Republican Party being driven to offer change? Or a Democratic Party united against it.
It is often said that all things must pass, and that is true. It is also a truism that, with apologies to the great singer-songwriter Roger Miller, Washington swings like a pendulum do. 2014 will be fun, and the leadup to 2016 will be outrageous entertainment as Barack Obama makes way for a pack of leftwink kooks who won’t be able to pull it off because they don’t have the BO Mojo.
Howard Dean may have screamed his way past the Democratic nomination in 2004, but the revolution he started has borne fruit. The 2016 nomination battle may be a fight between Elizabeth Warren, Governors Martin O'Malley and Deval Patrick, an unpolished pack of ideological duds and even a reinvigorated Dean, all vying to out-crazy each other and take the Democratic Party over a precipice. They'll make the troupe that sought the 2012 GOP nomination look like the committee awarding the Nobel Prize for Physics. (Castellanos)
I can’t wait.

Here's an opposing view: The Tea Party and the GOP Crackup

What do you think?

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