Monday, October 7, 2013

And the Negotiations (Should) Begin

(c) Martin SoulStealer

Face It 

Democrats can't push anything through the House and Republicans can't push anything through the Senate, and Obama is sitting in the Oval Office all by himself playing with his veto stamp.

The Republican have passed and offered many compromises, all stubbornly refused by the Senate. Obama and Reid have reiterated that they don't want to negotiate, it's either their way, or no way at all.  Point noted.

Obama's approval rating has slipped 3 points to its lowest in two years, 41%, while his disapproval rating has climbed to 52%.       The Hill

78% of the American People disapprove of the job being done by congress. RCP  

It's Time for Someone to Man Up and Lead

But face it, I'm not holding my breath.  

Robert Hubert - Incendie à Rome 


Anybody got any Marshmallow? 

I'm in the Mood for S'mores

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