Monday, October 28, 2013

We Won't Monitor Your Location

Yeah, and the NSA won't monitor our phones, email, and twitter accounts either.


We've posted on this subject previously, but the initiative hasn't yet died out and has been subject to a recent article in the LA Times.

Jalopnik provides a list of what these devices currently record and points out that the data belongs to the owner of the car.  Of course that is data subject to court ordered warrants and insurance company policy provisions, and if you can't get insurance without consenting to provide the data... who really owns it, you or the insurance company?

The government wants this data, or a modified version of it, to tax each driver based on the miles driven.

"This is really a must for our nation"

"It is not something we might choose to do".   Said Hasan Ikhrata of the Southern Kalifornian Association of Governments.  Don't you love being lectured on what our nation must do by former Soviet Bureaucrats of the Moscow Metro?  Who according to multiple sources holds a Bachelor's from Moscow University and Bachelor's and Master's from Zoporozhye University. What's even worse is he a PhD Candidate at the University of Soviet California (USC).



So we are proud to present Hasan Ikhrata: 



 With the Western Hero Award



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