Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Can'tor



Well, Dave Brat is so new I couldn't find a copyright free portrait of him.  Dr. David Brat is a Professor of Economics and Ethics at Randolph-Macon College, a liberal arts college in Ashland, Virginia.

It is fairly rare for political leadership to get so soundly trounced in an election, let alone in their own party. Those who pronounced the Tea Party dead may have been a bit premature, rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated, especially in VA's 7th District.

As it stands now, it's 55.6 to 44.4 with 96.7% reporting. Having raised just $200,000 compared to Cantor's $5.4 million, with the PACs on Cantor's side, and going in 52-39 down in the polls, Brat with the voter's in VA's 7th has pulled off a stunning upset. As of May 21st according to the FEC, Cantor had outspent Brat $1.9 million to $123,000.

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